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Please research the appropriate unit size for your area before purchasing. Above's suggestion of square footage is based on ideal situations where minimal heat is transferred. If the area contains many electrical appliances, windows, or non-insulated areas, your sizing may need to increase above the recommended square footage. Please ask an expert technician for ideal size before purchasing.

  1. Are Split Systems Expensive to Run?

    Are Split Systems Expensive to Run?

    You are gearing up to make a significant purchase, the replacement of your furnace or air conditioner. You are easily looking at a job that costs four figures, maybe even five depending on the scope of the work.

    You have spent a few weeks budgeting, but curiosity has gotten the best of you in the meantime. You have begun to wonder if there is a way to adequately cool or heat your home without spending a fortune for a new unit.

    You have had your eye on a ductless mini split until a neighbor told you how much more expensive these are to run. Is that true, or is a ductless mini split the best option for your home?

    It is a common myth that mini splits cost more to operate compared to a gas or oil heater. It is okay if you believed that myth until now, but we are here to tell you it is simply not true. Mitsubishi, a leading name in mini splits, says that, compared to using a gas or oil heater, you can shave your spending by $1,000 to $2,000 every

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  2. Can a Mini Split Cool a Whole House?

    Can a Mini Split Cool a Whole House?

    When the summer temperatures get you sweating, you crank up your AC. The only problem is your old air conditioning unit can hardly handle it. It chugs and strains under the pressure, and in the meantime, you wonder if you will get another year of cooling.

    You have begun to investigate your other options, as you know your AC’s days are numbered. One option that has really grabbed your attention is a ductless mini split. Such a system looks less bulky than your giant outdoor air conditioning unit, not to mention it seems you can save money too.

    However, before you dump your old air conditioner for good, you must know one thing. Is it possible to cool your whole home with mini split technology?


    Granted, you will likely need several mini splits as part of your cooling system, and these will be installed in those especially sticky and sweaty parts of your home. Anywhere you want cooling most though, from t

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  3. How Many Rooms Can a Ductless AC Cool?

    How Many Rooms Can a Ductless AC Cool?

    After a day of working or playing in the hot summer sun, coming home to an air-conditioned home can be a welcome treat. Choosing the right type of air-conditioner to cool all your rooms can mean the difference between an uncomfortable interior and one that all the members of your family can enjoy no matter which room they stay in.

    Traditional Choices

    When you’re deciding on air-conditioning for your abode, you may think that you only have three traditional choices:

    • Window Units. These types of air-conditioners are generally affordable and easy to install. All you need to do is place them in a window and provide appropriate support. However, such units can only cool one room because there’s no way to move the air to a separate room, especially when the doors are closed.

    • Portable Units. You can easily move portable AC units to any room that demands cooling by removing the window vent and drainage tube, and then rolling the uni

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  4. Can a Mini Split Heat an Entire House?

    Can a Mini Split Heat an Entire House?

    Heating and cooling an entire house can be pricy and can also be difficult if you do not know what method or what appliance is going to be best. There are a huge range of HVAC and other heating and cooling options and taking the time to find the system that works best for you is going to make a big overall difference in your particular success.

    What is A Mini-Split?

     A Mini-split system is a compact heating and cooling unit that has two major components. It has an outdoor compressor and condenser and an indoor system that handles the air and distributes it. Mini-split systems are typically used to help heat and cool rooms/homes of any size and can be used in conjunction with larger units.

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  5. Do Mini Splits Last Longer Than Traditional HVAC

    Do Mini Splits Last Longer Than Traditional HVAC

    Finding a great system that heats and cools your home can be difficult, a mini-split ductless system does just that. With the right system and the right care, your system can last for years and can serve you well at the same time.

    What is a Mini-Split?

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  6. Are Mini Split Systems More Efficient?

    Are Mini Split Systems More Efficient?

    These days, it’s all about efficiency, especially energy efficiency. You always strive to do what you can for our planet, be that recycling more, turning off lights when you don’t use them, and carpooling to work sometimes.

    One area of your home that could definitely be more efficient is your heating/cooling solution. Perhaps it’s a rickety old heater or an air conditioner that’s more than 10 years old. You’ve done some research into your options, and one that you’ve found is a ductless mini split system. This can provide either heating or cooling, which has certainly piqued your interest.

    Your main question though is whether a mini split system is efficient enough to be a worthwhile replacement?

    You’ll be happy to know that mini split systems are especially known for their efficiency. If you have a traditional HVAC system installed in your home or office, mini splits beat those in terms of energy usage. That’s because the mini split system is capable of ener

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  7. ROI on High Efficiency Air Conditioners

    ROI on High Efficiency Air Conditioners

    Your current air conditioner is anything but efficient. It wasn’t that way when you first bought it, so you figure the years have taken its toll. Since the last time you shopped for an air conditioner, these units have come a long way. You can now get models that save money on your energy bills because they’re so much less environmentally taxing.

    If you upgrade to a high-efficiency air conditioner like a ductless mini split system, what kind of return on investment or ROI would you be looking at here? You know you’ll spend a lot of money on the AC initially, as you did that years ago. What didn’t happen then was you steadily earning that money back in cost savings.

    That won’t be the case this time, we can assure you, especially if you get a ductless mini split AC system installed in your home or office.

    To determine how much money you’ll save, you need to know your current air conditioner’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER. You can then compare that to the S

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  8. Do Mini Splits Remove Humidity?

    Do Mini Splits Remove Humidity?

    The sight is an all-too-familiar one to you: window condensation, an increasing temperature on your thermostat, and walls that look like they’re sweating. Humidity seems to affect your home more than most. Things get especially bad when you or someone in your home showers with hot water or cooks something in the kitchen.

    You need to do something about your humidity so it doesn’t attract mold, but what? One option you’re considering is getting a ductless mini split system installed in your home. Is this the right route to take? Will a mini split really remove humidity?

    Yes, a mini split can more efficiently control your home’s humidity so you’re not left sweating every time you’re inside. To do this, you’ll use either cool mode or dry mode. Let’s talk about each in more detail now.

    Cool Mode

    When you set your ductless mini split to cool mode, here’s wh

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  9. How Often Should a Mini Split Be Cleaned?

    How Often Should a Mini Split Be Cleaned?

    Your ductless mini split is at it every day providing cooling or heating where you need it most. Like your old heater or air conditioner though, a ductless mini split does not work on good faith alone. It also needs maintenance from time to time.

    Just how often should you get your mini split cleaned? Cleaning is part of your mini split servicing, which should happen once or twice a year.

    That doesn’t mean you have to sit passively until your mini split technician can next come by and clean the unit. Here are some things you can do in the meantime to keep the mini split in even better condition.

    Remove Debris

    The ductless mini split units themselves may be installed in your home or office, but your compressor is not. This crucial part of the mini split system sits outside where it’s prone to anything environmental that can dirty it up.

    About once a month or so, head outside and look for any debris on or near the

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  10. Can You Run a Mini Split Off Solar?

    Can You Run a Mini Split Off Solar?

    A few years ago, you opted to get solar panels installed on your home, and you’ve never looked back. You save so much energy on your monthly bills, and you feel good about your positive effect on the planet as well.

    One thought that’s intrigued you as of late is the idea of running your mini split off your solar panel. Could your ductless mini split air conditioner use renewable energy just like your solar panel system does? This could theoretically lessen your carbon footprint even further while maybe even leading to greater cost savings for you. So, is it possible?

    It is indeed! To get started, you need both a mini split and a solar panel system. A vacuum pump within the system is also recommended.

    When using a ductless mini split like this Innovair Mini Split, a ductless mini split air con

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