Why Mini Splits Are a Popular Choice in 2023

2023 has been a banner year for you, as you’ve improved your home in many ways. One glaring omission is your heating and cooling systems. You have outdated HVAC units that you’ve longed to replace for years now.

You’ve heard good things about ductless mini splits, and you’re thinking now might be a good time to take the plunge since you’ve already changed so much about your home.

We agree! Here are some very inspiring reasons to consider a ductless mini split system for your home this year.

1.      Ductless Mini Splits Last as Long as Your HVAC

The last thing you want to do after investing a significant portion of money into a new heating and cooling system is turn around in five or seven years and have to do it all over again. With a ductless mini split, you shouldn’t have those kinds of concerns.

Mini split systems can last on average the same duration as a traditional HVAC unit, including furnaces or heaters and central air conditioners. That’s right, you could have your mini split for at least 10 years and sometimes even twice that if you treat yours right!

2.      Better Performance Than Traditional HVAC

The primary issue with HVAC like a furnace or air conditioner is the ductwork the units are attached to. Ducts have small gaps between the seams where air can escape. Upwards of 30 percent of the air produced by your furnace or AC never reaches your living room, bedroom, or entertainment room.

A ductless mini split eliminates the ductwork, which means you don’t lose air. This improves the performance and efficiency of a mini split system.

3.      Mini Splits Are Easier to Maintain

Maintaining a heating and cooling unit isn’t the most fun part of your day, but it’s a responsibility you must upkeep.

Taking care of your mini split is simple. Keep the outdoor compressor clean (a cover can make this effortless), replace or clean filters, and make sure to keep your mini split technician’s number handy so you can have them out about every six months to do all the maintenance jobs you shouldn’t.

4.      Mini Splits Are Good for the Planet

If you have concerns about our planet’s future, you aren’t alone! Fortunately, a ductless mini split system helps rather than hinders the earth.

It all has to do with the way a ductless mini split system cools or heats a home. Rather than blast air all over the house, including in parts of the home that don’t necessarily need it, a mini split cools and heats in zones.

You can select each zone, which can include full rooms, but not exclusively. As a result, your mini split works much more efficiently, making it a green solution you can feel good about.

5.      You Will Save a Lot More Money in the Long Run

Finally, there’s the biggest advantage of all: cost savings. Many of our customers save thousands to tens of thousands of dollars by switching from traditional HVAC to a ductless mini split. Use our energy savings calculator to determine what your savings might look like!