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PowerSave AC is the premier online vendor of ductless mini split systems, offering some of the best mini split ac products and pricing available anywhere.  We are currently specializing exclusively in the sale of Innovair Ductless Mini Split systems, which are widely regarded as some of the highest quality ductless air conditioner & heat pump units on the market today.

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We separate ourselves from the current pack of online retailers selling mini split systems by offering incredible pricing of Innovair products, along with the flexible financing options currently provided by Affirm to give our customers the flexibility to own their new mini split systems while paying them off month-by-month at great rates.  We also offer some of the best multi-unit discount incentives available anywhere online.  If you order 2 or more mini split units (you can mix-and-match any single-zone/multi-zone units for this offering), you are eligible for the following discounts:

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We also offer on-call customer service and support for all our products sold on the site through our toll-free number: 1-(855) 539-7656 which you can reach Monday-Friday 9-5 EST.  All of our systems also come with 5 Year Limited Parts / 7 Year Compressor warranties provided by the manufacturer to ensure they are functioning properly for many years after they are installed and configured.  On top of all of these great reasons to shop at PowerSave AC we also currently offer FREE Shipping for all orders to the Domestic 48 states in the US.

About Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are gaining popularity across the world for their many advantages over traditional air-conditioning systems.  The biggest advantage to using ductless mini split ac systems is the ability to have powerful heating and cooling systems without ductwork.  This can be a huge advantage for older homes or buildings that lack ductwork from a traditional central air-conditioning system but would still like the benefits of a powerful ac system that’s way more efficient than a window or portable air-conditioner (not to mention they look way better).  Another major advantage to having a ductless mini-split ac system is the ability to control the different “zones” in the home or building.  This powerful feature known as “zone control” gives the user the ability to set different temperatures for each room all with a simple remote control.  Another one of the other major reasons to invest in a ductless mini split inverter is the simplicity in installing them (whether it’s a new building or an existing building without duct work).   Instead of having to create large ducts throughout the structure of the home or building, you can instead very easily through piping and electrical wiring install a powerful air-conditioning system that is both effective and stylish.  Innovair systems also offer innovative new features such as Turbo Cooling Mode (will cool down your area in under 30 minutes) and Multi-Layer HEPA filter systems to make sure the air you’re breathing is clean.  For more info on the advantages of ductless systems check out our page detailing this more: Why Go Ductless.