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  1. How Often Should a Mini Split Defrost?

    How Often Should a Mini Split Defrost?

    You take a chicken breast out to defrost before cooking it for dinner, but you’ve never thought your ductless mini split has to defrost the same way. Do you really have to defrost your mini split and if so, how often?

    We’ll answer those questions and more in today’s blog post!

    Why Do Ductless Mini Splits Have to Defrost?

    Ductless mini split systems are capable of both heating and cooling. This is part of what saves you so much money in owning a mini split, as you don’t have to buy nor maintain separate air conditioning and heating units anymore.

    Your mini split system runs on refrigerant either way, but how that refrigerant behaves depends on whether the unit is cooling versus heating your home. For example, when providing cooling, the refrigerant meets warm air and becomes warm as a result. The refrigerant will change state from a liquid to gas during the cooling process, allowing the air to cool down as well. Then the vapor returns to a li

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  2. Why Use a VRF System?

    Why Use a VRF System?

    There’s never a bad time to start budgeting, and so that’s just what you’ve decided to do. Yet upon reviewing your household spending, you’re surprised to see how much money you lose each month to your energy bills. It’s not like you can stop using electricity, but something has to give.

    You’re thinking of replacing your faulty old air conditioner or rickety heater, but you’re not sure with what. A neighbor recommended a variable refrigerant flow or VRF system, which uses an outdoor condenser and indoor units that spread temperate air throughout the house.

    A VRF system certainly sounds like an appealing option, but is it right for you? Here are some benefits of using a VRF system that will help you decide.

    Heating and Cooling in One Unit

    Right now, if you want to blow cool air throughout your home, you turn on your air conditioner. When you want hot air, you use your heater or furnace. You certainly wouldn’t touch your AC in the winter m

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  3. Does a Mini Split Dehumidify?

    Does a Mini Split Dehumidify?

    Humidity is a careful balancing act. If there’s too little, your skin and nasal passages dry out. Yet when your home or commercial office has too much humidity, the hot environment creates the perfect breeding ground for mold or mildew.

    You’re trying to better regulate the surrounding humidity, using a dehumidifier here and there. If you run your ductless mini split system, do the indoor air-handling units also act as a dehumidifier or do they add more humidity to the air?

    Ductless mini split systems can dehumidify to a degree, especially if your ductless mini split has a dry mode. However, mini splits do the most dehumidifying in the summer and the least in the winter. If you wanted to reduce your home’s relative humidity in the cooler months, you’d need a separate dehumidifying unit.

    Understanding Relative Humidity

    What is relative humidity anyway? Well, to explain that, we have to look at absolute humidity first. And before that, we have

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  4. Can You Run a Mini Split on a Generator?

    Can You Run a Mini Split on a Generator?

    It’s been a particularly rough winter, and with the whipping winds and endless mountains of snow, you’ve had a lot of power outages. After the third time your home lost power in a month, you decided enough was enough and that you needed a generator.

    You have a pretty good generator, and though it can’t power every last electronic and appliance throughout your home, it suffices for the important things like your laptop so you can continue working even in an outage.

    Well, actually, it’s hard to work when your fingers are freezing cold (and the rest of you is too). You’d love to have some heat even if your house is in the dark, but you’re not sure if you can run your mini split on a generator? Can you?

    Yes, you can! Here’s what you need to know.

    Running a Mini Split on a Generator — The Importance of Wattage

    While running a mini split on a generator is something that others have done and thus you can too, we want to stress there are no gu

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  5. Split AC Is Making Noise

    Split AC Is Making Noise

    The first time you heard that horrible sound, you were justifiably unnerved. You searched all over your house trying to figure out what the source could have been. You’ve since unplugged the fridge, the oven, and the living room TV, but none of those appliances and electronics seem to be responsible for the noise, as it persists.

    Ruling out your options is good, as now you can say with more confidence that it may be an HVAC unit, even your split AC. The problem is your air conditioner can make all sorts of noises depending on the issue. Let’s take a closer look at the sounds you might hear from your split AC.


    This noise is almost like a bubbling. During some moments, the sound is pretty distinct, but in other cases, it almost blends into the background. Even still, if your split AC gurgles, it’s because the unit has collected too much moisture. The b

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