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  1. Covers for Mini Splits

    Covers for Mini Splits

    You recently invested in a ductless mini split system. After a few months of regular use, you have to say, you’re thrilled. Your home feels more comfortable than ever, not to mention that you’ve been saving consistently on your energy bills month after month.

    The seasons are changing though. You’re packing up the beach chairs and covering the grill until warmer days are ahead. That’s made you think that perhaps you should get a cover for your ductless mini split system as well, specifically, the outdoor compressor.

    Is a ductless mini split cover a necessity or can you go without it?

    No, covers for mini splits are not mandatory. A compressor should be positioned somewhere in the backyard away from the elements. If that’s true of your compressor, then there’s no need to cover it. It’s built to withstand the harsh weather that can come in winter and even autumn and the early

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  2. Everything You Need to Know About Mini Splits

    Everything You Need to Know About Mini Splits

    For beginners, the world of ductless mini split systems can be a tad confusing. We’re here to minimize that confusion. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about ductless mini splits so you can buy one with confidence!

    Ductless Mini Splits Come from Japan

    If you’ve ever wondered why ductless mini splits were created, it was because the heaters and air conditioners from the early 1950s were too large for homes in Japan. Thus, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric both began laying the groundwork for what would become ductless mini split systems.

    Interestingly, it wouldn’t be until decades later that other parts of the world such as the United States caught on to the wonders that are ductless mini split systems.

    Mini Split Installation Is Easy

    You probably remember when the technicians came to install your air conditioner or heater. It was a wonder they could get the hulking piece of HVAC through the doo

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  3. What Size Mini Split for a Grow Room?

    What Size Mini Split for a Grow Room?

    One of your favorite rooms in your house undoubtedly is the grow room. You tend to a sizable indoor garden in there, providing bright light and humidity so your houseplants can grow, grow, grow.

    Yet maintaining the temperature in your grow room has become more of a challenge lately. The other day, the temps in there dropped so low that some of your plants suffered cold stress. You’re still nursing them back to health as we speak, which has left you none too pleased.

    You need more consistent temperatures in your grow room, which is why you’re strongly considering a ductless mini split system. The only problem is you’re not sure which size mini split you need.

    We can help you answer that!

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  4. What Is a Mini Split Condenser?

    What Is a Mini Split Condenser?

    Another month of overspending on your electricity bills has you thinking about dumping your old HVAC units for good. You’ve heard a lot about the savings potential of a ductless mini split system, but such a system is unlike anything you’ve seen.

    You’re trying to acquaint yourself with the features of a ductless mini split system before committing to owning one. One of the areas you’re especially fuzzy on is the mini split condenser. What is it exactly and what does it do?

    In today’s post, we’ll answer those questions and more!

    What Is a Mini Split Condenser and How Does It Work?

    First thing’s first, let’s explain a ductless mini split condenser. The condenser is the outdoor unit opposite the indoor air-handling units. Unlike those air-handling units, of which there can be multiple in a home or commercial building, there’s only one condenser per mini split system.

    The duty of the condenser is to work in conjunction with your air han

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  5. What Does a Mini Split Look Like Outside?

    What Does a Mini Split Look Like Outside?

    You care a lot about upkeeping your home’s curb appeal. It’s not like you intend to sell your home anytime soon, but if you ever did decide to, you’d want it to fetch a high asking price.

    Part of maintaining your home is in keeping its temperature comfortable, which your old air conditioner is not excelling at. You also struggled through the whole winter with your furnace, as it only worked well some of the time.

    A neighbor recommended a ductless mini split system, which they said has heated and cooled their home much more efficiently. You like the idea of dumping your antiquated HVAC, but you have to ask. What will a ductless mini split system look like outside your home?

    To answer that, let us briefly explain how ductless mini split systems work. The system includes at least two parts, the indoor air-handling unit, and the outdoor condenser. The two pieces work together to provide a full system for heating/cooling your home (depending on the system).


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  6. Are Mini Splits Reliable?

    Are Mini Splits Reliable?

    You remember when you first bought your air conditioner or heater many years ago. At the time, it worked quite well, but as the years have gone by, the units have only become more unreliable. Every few months, they break down, requiring costly repairs.

    You know that it’ll only be a matter of time before you have to replace your air conditioner or furnace, but you’re putting that off for as long as possible because new HVAC units are so expensive.

    Maybe you won’t replace the units; perhaps you’ll try a ductless mini split system instead. A family member decided to make the switch, and they’ve been raving about how much they’re enjoying their new mini split.

    Is a ductless mini split system going to be more reliable than your ailing air conditioner or furnace? Most definitely.

    If you have central heating or cooling, then you know very well that the warm or cool air is dispensed to all the rooms in your home. This is wasteful. If your sunroom is warm, th

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  7. Are All Mini Splits Heat Pumps?

    Are All Mini Splits Heat Pumps?

    You’re glad you’ve found this blog, as you’ve had questions about ductless mini split systems for a while. While some of your questions have been answered by reading our posts, something that you’re still curious about is whether a ductless mini split system should be considered a heat pump.

    The short answer to that question is that it depends on the mini split system! Some have cooling only capabilities and some include heat pump capabilities as well.

    What Is a Heat Pump?

    Since we’re sure you’re curious, let’s begin first by addressing what a heat pump even is. This device mostly provides warm air, hence the name heat pump, but some heat pumps can cool as well.

    Warm air is produced by transferring the heat that is on the outside into the inside through the refrigerant.

    Is a Mini Split a Heat Pump?

    A ductless mini split sy

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  8. When Were Mini Splits Invented?

    When Were Mini Splits Invented?

    Today, you quite appreciate the amazing capabilities of a ductless mini split system. You love how you can cool the various zones in your home at different temperatures so all parts of the house feel cozy. You’re also greatly enjoying the lower energy bills every month. Plus, you feel good knowing that your heating and cooling system is better for the environment than traditional HVAC.

    You’re interested in learning more about the esteemed history of ductless mini splits. How long has ductless heating and cooling been an option? Allow us to tell you the tale.

    The History of Ductless Mini Splits

    Air conditioning had already existed by the time ductless mini splits came into the picture. That had to be the case for a ductless system to improve upon ducted heating and cooling measures.

    While the first form of air conditioning, as primitive as it was, is said to extend back to the days of the Ancient Egyptians, air conditioning that’s closer to ho

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  9. The Best Mini Splits for Mobile Homes

    The Best Mini Splits for Mobile Homes

    You love your simplified mobile home life, but one area you always struggle with is how to beat the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Depending on the layout of your home, you might not be able to use central heating and cooling, which means portable measures like window air conditioning units or a space heater.

    Or does it? A ductless mini split could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Ductless mini split systems include an outdoor condenser or compressor, and that’s the most you’d have to make room for outside your mobile home. Inside your home, a technician will install air-handling units. These units are where the cool or warm air comes from.

    This all sounds good to you, so what are the best mini splits for a mobile home?

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  10. Do Mini Splits Qualify for Tax Credit?

    Do Mini Splits Qualify for Tax Credit?

    When tax time comes around, you’re always looking to deduct whatever you can. You try to apply these tax credits in your personal and professional life alike. As you’re reviewing all your tax information for the prior year, it occurs to you that you got a ductless mini split system installed in your home last year.

    Can the purchase of the mini split be used as a tax credit? Possibly! Let’s take a look at the two areas in which you may be eligible for a tax credit as of 2021.

    Federal Energy Efficient Tax Credit

    In late 2020, the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 was passed and signed by the government. Under this act, if you bought or will buy a ductless mini split system before December 31st, 2021 and you’re a nonbusiness, then you could be eligible for a tax credit.

    If your ductless mini split system was installed and running after December 31st, 2022 but before January 1st, 2024, you could g

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