Financing Your Mini Split AC

A mini split costs several thousand dollars, and while the expense is usually contained in the four figures, a new system can sometimes cost five figures if you have specific heating and cooling needs or a large building or residence.

Paying upfront can be challenging for some customers, even if we keep our products affordably priced. That’s why PowerSave AC offers mini split AC financing with Affirm.

Affirm is a trusted name in finances. Their service allows you to purchase what you need now and pay for it later. The lack of late fees and other charges makes Affirm a trusted choice for millions of customers for all sorts of products and services, your ductless mini split among them.

How do you get started with Affirm? It’s easy. Select the “buy with Affirm” option when you’re checking out. You’ll then be redirected from PowerSave AC’s website to Affirm’s.

You’ll have to create an account with Affirm if you don’t already have one. Affirm will ask for your date of birth, email address, full name, and social security number (only the last four digits). This is only for identity verification purposes.

You must have a valid home address in the United States (excluding West Virginia or Iowa, as Affirm isn’t offered in those two states), and you must be 18 to 19 or older, with the latter required in Nebraska if you’re a ward or if you live in Alabama.

Affirm will send you a text message with an authorization code. Input the authorization code on your computer and that will complete your Affirm application.

It takes only seconds for Affirm to approve your application. If you’re approved, you’ll see payment terms, how long it will take to pay the loan, and the applicable interest rate. The loan duration is between three and 12 months.

If you approve of the terms, select the option Confirm Loan and you can now pay in monthly installments to Affirm.

Affirm approves or denies applications on more than credit history, so you might still receive approval even if your credit score isn’t the best.

Speaking of your credit score, Affirm’s soft credit check will not ding your credit score, so you don’t have to stress about that ahead of a major purchase like a ductless mini split system.

PowerSave AC makes your mini split purchase more financially feasible by discounting pricing depending on the number of units you purchase. If you buy two units, you can save two percent.

We offer a competitive four-percent discount if you purchase up to four units, an eight-percent discount if you buy five to 10 units, and a 12-percent discount on 10 or more units.

You don’t have to purchase two identical units, either! They can be both single-zone units but from different manufacturers (if you’re interested in purchasing two) or one single-zone and one multi-zone unit.

This way, no matter how many zones you’ve deduced your home or commercial business needs for better heating and cooling, you can make your mini split purchase affordable.