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  1. Covers for Mini Splits

    Covers for Mini Splits

    You recently invested in a ductless mini split system. After a few months of regular use, you have to say, you’re thrilled. Your home feels more comfortable than ever, not to mention that you’ve been saving consistently on your energy bills month after month.

    The seasons are changing though. You’re packing up the beach chairs and covering the grill until warmer days are ahead. That’s made you think that perhaps you should get a cover for your ductless mini split system as well, specifically, the outdoor compressor.

    Is a ductless mini split cover a necessity or can you go without it?

    No, covers for mini splits are not mandatory. A compressor should be positioned somewhere in the backyard away from the elements. If that’s true of your compressor, then there’s no need to cover it. It’s built to withstand the harsh weather that can come in winter and even autumn and the early

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  2. Everything You Need to Know About Mini Splits

    Everything You Need to Know About Mini Splits

    For beginners, the world of ductless mini split systems can be a tad confusing. We’re here to minimize that confusion. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about ductless mini splits so you can buy one with confidence!

    Ductless Mini Splits Come from Japan

    If you’ve ever wondered why ductless mini splits were created, it was because the heaters and air conditioners from the early 1950s were too large for homes in Japan. Thus, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric both began laying the groundwork for what would become ductless mini split systems.

    Interestingly, it wouldn’t be until decades later that other parts of the world such as the United States caught on to the wonders that are ductless mini split systems.

    Mini Split Installation Is Easy

    You probably remember when the technicians came to install your air conditioner or heater. It was a wonder they could get the hulking piece of HVAC through the doo

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  3. What Size Mini Split for a Grow Room?

    What Size Mini Split for a Grow Room?

    One of your favorite rooms in your house undoubtedly is the grow room. You tend to a sizable indoor garden in there, providing bright light and humidity so your houseplants can grow, grow, grow.

    Yet maintaining the temperature in your grow room has become more of a challenge lately. The other day, the temps in there dropped so low that some of your plants suffered cold stress. You’re still nursing them back to health as we speak, which has left you none too pleased.

    You need more consistent temperatures in your grow room, which is why you’re strongly considering a ductless mini split system. The only problem is you’re not sure which size mini split you need.

    We can help you answer that!

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  4. What Is a Mini Split Condenser?

    What Is a Mini Split Condenser?

    Another month of overspending on your electricity bills has you thinking about dumping your old HVAC units for good. You’ve heard a lot about the savings potential of a ductless mini split system, but such a system is unlike anything you’ve seen.

    You’re trying to acquaint yourself with the features of a ductless mini split system before committing to owning one. One of the areas you’re especially fuzzy on is the mini split condenser. What is it exactly and what does it do?

    In today’s post, we’ll answer those questions and more!

    What Is a Mini Split Condenser and How Does It Work?

    First thing’s first, let’s explain a ductless mini split condenser. The condenser is the outdoor unit opposite the indoor air-handling units. Unlike those air-handling units, of which there can be multiple in a home or commercial building, there’s only one condenser per mini split system.

    The duty of the condenser is to work in conjunction with your air han

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