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  1. How Many Rooms Can a Ductless AC Cool?

    How Many Rooms Can a Ductless AC Cool?

    After a day of working or playing in the hot summer sun, coming home to an air-conditioned home can be a welcome treat. Choosing the right type of air-conditioner to cool all your rooms can mean the difference between an uncomfortable interior and one that all the members of your family can enjoy no matter which room they stay in.

    Traditional Choices

    When you’re deciding on air-conditioning for your abode, you may think that you only have three traditional choices:

    • Window Units. These types of air-conditioners are generally affordable and easy to install. All you need to do is place them in a window and provide appropriate support. However, such units can only cool one room because there’s no way to move the air to a separate room, especially when the doors are closed.

    • Portable Units. You can easily move portable AC units to any room that demands cooling by removing the window vent and drainage tube, and then rolling the unit to

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  2. Can a Mini Split Heat an Entire House?

    Can a Mini Split Heat an Entire House?

    Heating and cooling an entire house can be pricy and can also be difficult if you do not know what method or what appliance is going to be best. There are a huge range of HVAC and other heating and cooling options and taking the time to find the system that works best for you is going to make a big overall difference in your particular success.

    What is A Mini-Split?

     A Mini-split system is a compact heating and cooling unit that has two major components. It has an outdoor compressor and condenser and an indoor system that handles the air and distributes it. Mini-split systems are typically used to help heat and cool rooms/homes of any size and can be used in conjunction with larger units.

    These are also

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  3. Do Mini Splits Last Longer Than Traditional HVAC

    Do Mini Splits Last Longer Than Traditional HVAC

    Finding a great system that heats and cools your home can be difficult, a mini-split ductless system does just that. With the right system and the right care, your system can last for years and can serve you well at the same time.

    What is a Mini-Split?

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  4. Are Mini Split Systems More Efficient?

    Are Mini Split Systems More Efficient?

    These days, it’s all about efficiency, especially energy efficiency. You always strive to do what you can for our planet, be that recycling more, turning off lights when you don’t use them, and carpooling to work sometimes.

    One area of your home that could definitely be more efficient is your heating/cooling solution. Perhaps it’s a rickety old heater or an air conditioner that’s more than 10 years old. You’ve done some research into your options, and one that you’ve found is a ductless mini split system. This can provide either heating or cooling, which has certainly piqued your interest.

    Your main question though is whether a mini split system is efficient enough to be a worthwhile replacement?

    You’ll be happy to know that mini split systems are especially known for their efficiency. If you have a traditional HVAC system installed in your home or office, mini splits beat those in terms of energy usage. That’s because the mini split system is capable of energy recyc

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