Mini Split AC

Ductless mini splits are a reliable companion across all seasons. You can use their air conditioning function in the spring and summer, then switch to the heating mode as autumn gets colder and winter arrives.

With so much versatility when operating a mini split, what is the ideal temperature to set it on? 

That depends on the season and whether you’re in your home. 

For example, in the winter, you can set the temperature at around 68 degrees Fahrenheit if you’re not going to be home. You could even drop the temperature lower. However, be aware that when you come home, you might be shivering until you bump up the mini split’s operating temperature.

When you’re lounging at home, an operating temperature of around 70 degrees is comfortable in the winter. You shouldn’t be left shivering under a big blanket, and your house shouldn’t feel uncomfortably warm.  

In the summer, you can set the mini split temperature to 80 degrees if you’re going to be out for the day at work, school, or enjoying a family beach day. 

Again, you run the risk of the house being warm when you get back, but a small adjustment of the remote will bring the temperature back down.

A good operating temperature for those summer days when it’s too hot to do anything but stay inside is around 78 degrees.

Is that too warm for you? You can always try a temperature of around 74 to 76 degrees. That’s comfortable enough that you can lounge in shorts (or your summer gear of choice) but without feeling the heat and humidity. 

The key to the mini split’s temperature is consistency. Maintaining an even temperature from day to day prevents the unit from having to use large surges of energy to provide more heating or cooling. 

You could even set the temperatures differently than the recommendations above if you maintain that temperature range. Choose the settings that feel comfortable to you. 

You can also augment the mini split’s functioning by watching how much light (and thus heat) you let into the house depending on the season. 

For instance, in the winter, opening the blinds and peeling back the curtains will let the sunlight in. The warmth from the light will reduce the mini split’s load, making the house warmer by default.

However, the same rule applies in the summer, so keep the curtains closed as often as you can to trap in what coolness you have. This will go a long way toward increasing the efficiency of the mini split during the dog days of summer. 

Here’s an added bonus: many mini splits are dehumidifiers, so they can rid your home of the sweltering humidity that can make you feel like you’re swimming in soup.