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  1. What Do I Need to Know About a Ductless Mini Split?

    What Do I Need to Know About a Ductless Mini Split?

    First, one neighbor told you about their positive experience with a ductless mini split, then another. You’re curious and even a little intrigued, but you don’t know much of anything about ductless mini splits.

    You’d like to change that. What should you know about this alternative heating and cooling method? Here are some facts to get you started.

    Ductless Mini Splits Ditch the Ductwork

    The name ductless is in there for a reason. Mini splits forego the ducts, which means saying goodbye to all the problems associated with ducts, especially air leaks.

    According to Energy Star, upwards of 30 percent of the air that travels through a ducted system disappears through ducts that aren’t properly connected or have holes or gaps.

    It’s no wonder a ducted system is so wildly inefficient!

    Ductless Mini Splits Are Way Better for the Environment

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  2. What Kind of Maintenance Does a Mini Split Need?

    What Kind of Maintenance Does a Mini Split Need?

    Ductless mini splits can make a big difference in how comfortable your home feels (not to mention how much money you’ll spend on your utility bills), but they only work their best when they’re properly maintained.

    If you’re a first-time mini split owner who’s still new to the system, this article will benefit you.

    Here is all the maintenance a mini split requires.

    Dust Off the Condenser

    The compressor or condenser is the outdoor component of your ductless mini split system. Although it is protected from ground changes due to the concrete slab underneath, and it should be safeguarded overhead with an awning, the compressor can still get dirty.

    Every month or so, go outside and remove sticks,

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  3. Why Won't My Split System Heat Up?

    Why Won't My Split System Heat Up?

    Your split system has been a godsend. You haven’t had to use a furnace and an air conditioner in so long because the split system provides both heating and cooling, As such, you’ve saved so much money on your utility bills in the past couple of months.

    Unfortunately, though, your split system is barely producing hot air anymore. You’ve tinkered with the included thermostat and even still, the air that comes out is hardly warm. It’s certainly not hot.

    You’re not sure what’s going on and whether you need a new split system. Why won’t your split system heat up?

    First of all, you likely do not need a new split system, especially if you just got yours installed. A split system that won’t produce hot air is a relatively common problem with a simple fix.

    The coils of your c

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  4. Where Are the Coils on a Mini Split?

    Where Are the Coils on a Mini Split?

    All ductless mini split systems have coils. You may have questions about what these coils are, what they do, and where they go. In this post, we’ll answer those questions so you can proceed with confidence and heat and cool your home with a ductless mini split system!

    A ductless mini split system features an outdoor compressor or condenser as well as indoor air-handling units. The condenser is the component with the coils, which are located on the exterior of your ductless mini split system.   

    The coils are bathed by refrigerant aka coolant. Refrigerant is a liquid that’s used in commercial and residential heat pumps and air conditioning systems. Your current HVAC systems are likely to rely on coolant or refrigerant in different ways.

    When refrigerant passes along the outside coil of the mini split system, it

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