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  1. How to Hide a Ductless Mini Split

    How to Hide a Ductless Mini Split

    Ductless mini splits can boost your energy efficiency and provide improved heating and cooling for certain zones or rooms in your home. However many customers would like to find ways to not make them so obvious in a home's interior. Sometimes, you'd prefer if you didn’t have to look at your ductless mini split directly when you have other indoor decor that you'd rather be staring at. That’s not to say you don’t appreciate it, but you wished there was a way to hide it.

    It turns out, there is. In fact, you have several means of hiding your ductless mini split or making it less apparent, which we’re going to present to you now.

    Get a Large Framed Piece of Art

    If it's an obvious wall ductless mini split that's getting you down, then feel free to find an awesome photo or artwork, frame it, and hang it up. Although the art

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  2. What Kind of Maintenance Does a Ductless Mini-Split Require?

    What Kind of Maintenance Does a Ductless Mini-Split Require?

    A ductless mini-split HVAC system has several benefits, especially compared to using a central air and heating system. Mini-splits often run more quietly than a central system, and they can even lessen that pesky carbon footprint with their greater energy efficiency. They’re also more affordable, and did we mention cleaning your ductless mini-split system won’t be nearly as difficult?

    Cleaning is just one type of maintenance work you or a hired professional will have to put into your ductless mini-split HVAC system. Here is some other maintenance you must get into the habit of either scheduling or doing yourself.

    Disclaimer: Before you get started, you always want to power down your ductless mini-split system (this means switching the breakers for the unit off as well). Then, wait for an hour. During this time, the components in the system will return to a cooler temperature so you can handle them safely. Make sure the outdoor unit circuit swi

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