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  1. Essential Accessories for Your Mini Split

    Essential Accessories for Your Mini Split

    You just purchased a ductless mini split system for the home or office. You already appreciate the increase in heating or cooling, but you wonder if there’s more to your mini split system that you should have. For instance, do you need accessories to make your mini split even more efficient?

    Absolutely! We recommend the following mini split accessories, all of which we’d regard as essential.

    Mini Split Controllers

    You’ll have an included remote control for each indoor air-handling unit that you can use to adjust the temperature per unit as you need it. Some mini split owners opt to buy an extra controller or two for o

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  2. How Multi-Zone Mini Split Systems Work

    How Multi-Zone Mini Split Systems Work

    You have an air conditioning unit, maybe even central air, as well as a heater. The problem is, if certain rooms have fewer vents, or if they’re lacking on return units, then those rooms aren’t as comfortable as the other spaces in your home.

    A ductless mini split system can overcome this issue, as you select the number of indoor air-handling units you need as well as their placement and temperature. Single-zone heating/cooling involves but one indoor unit whereas multi-zone mini split systems are somewhat more complex.

    Multi-zone mini split systems include more than one indoor air-handling unit. Many situations call for the installation of multiple units. For instance, in a home, you might have adequate cooling or heating upstairs but not downstairs or vice-versa, so you want a number of rooms to have their own mini split unit.

    The reason the mini split system is called sin

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  3. How Often Should You Clean Mini Split Filters?

    How Often Should You Clean Mini Split Filters?

    When you bought your ductless mini split system, it came with one or more indoor air-handling units. Within each of these units is an air filter. Like you’ve had to change the air filter in your air conditioner or heater before, the same is true of your ductless mini split. How often do you need to clean the filters?

    On a two-week basis, you should access your mini split filters and see if they need to be cleaned. Otherwise, dirt, debris, and even mold can grow on your filters. Also, dirty filters impede air quality and airflow and cause your mini split system to run less efficiently.

    We’re here to answer all the questions you

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  4. How to Choose the Right Mini Split for Your Workshop

    How to Choose the Right Mini Split for Your Workshop

    You have a workshop where you spend a lot of your free time. Perhaps you make projects out of wood, or you engage in metalworking, drawing, sculpting, or any other recreational hobby. Since your workshop is likely a garage or basement, it’s not a very well-insulated space. You tend to feel whatever the temperature is, which can make concentrating on your work difficult.

    You’ve looked into your heating and cooling options and you think a ductless mini split system would be best for your workshop. You can cool or heat the areas that are most uncomfortable and only those areas.

    The problem is, you’ve never bought a ductless mini split before, so you’re not sure which type is best for your workshop. Here are some factors to consider that will help make the decision easier.

    The Size of Your Workshop

    How big is your workshop in square feet? Depending on the size, you’ll need more BTUs or British thermal units per hour out of your mini split.

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