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  1. Are Mini Splits Worth the Cost?

    Are Mini Splits Worth the Cost?

    You’ve read this blog a lot lately, and now, more than ever, you’re interested in getting a ductless mini split system installed in your home or office. The only thing that’s holding you back is the money. Should you go forth with this project, would the cost be worth it?

    Before we can answer that, we should discuss how much you can expect to pay if you get a mini split system installed. A unit can cost between $300 and $4,000 depending on its heating and cooling capacity. Installation may be anywhere from $200 to $1,000 based on the company you choose, how many mini splits you want installed, and the complexity of the work.

    That leaves your project costs at $500 on the lower end and up to $5,000 on the higher end. An average air conditioner alone is $1,200 to $1,800, and that’s before you factor in the installation costs. Furnaces are far from cheap as well, a

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  2. Are Mini-Splits Good for Heating?

    Are Mini-Splits Good for Heating?

    Brr! In the middle of winter, you sure are left shivering often. To compensate, you blast your heater, pretty much taking it as far as it will go. You’d like to ease up on it, but it’s just so cold! You wish your current heating system would do more to keep your home warm, especially when you hear it struggling and straining.

    One idea you’ve had is switching your current heating system to a ductless mini-split. You know these systems are ideal for homes and offices that need a cooling solution, but what about heating as well? Is a mini-split system a good option for heating your house or should you stick to what you already have?

    For many homeowners and businesspeople, it’s recommended you choose a ductless mini-split system. This can provide more than adequate heating to an indoor space, giving you no reason not to scrap your current heating system entirely. In fact, there are some instances in which your ductless mini-split system can keep you toasty when a heater necessa

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  3. How Long Do Mini Splits Last?

    How Long Do Mini Splits Last?

    After much time and research, you think you're finally ready to add a ductless mini-split system in your home or office. Like you do before making any other big investment, though, you want to know just how long you’re going to be able to use your mini-split system. Will it be for several years or even longer?

    The average life of a ductless mini-split is about 20 years, but some units can last even longer than that.

    Curious how to expand the life of your mini-split system? Keep reading, as we’ll discuss everything you need to know in this post.

    Do Ductless Mini-Splits Last Longer Than HVAC Systems?

    More than likely, your home or office is currently equipped with a traditional HVAC system. This does the job well enough, but you’re looking for something that’s a little more efficient and a lot less conspicuous.

    Now that you now your ductless mini-split should last you about two decades, would an HVAC system have an

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  4. How Many Mini-Split Zones Do I Need?

    How Many Mini-Split Zones Do I Need?

    In your research on mini-split systems, you keep reading about zones. These may be referred to as single zone, but you’ve also heard of upwards of three and even four zones. If you’re considering a mini-split system for your own home, then you’re going to want to learn more about these zones and what they mean. In today’s post, we’ll discuss just that.

    To simplify matters, mini-splits can be categorized as single-zone or multi-zone. With a single-zone solution, you use only one ductless mini-split system that has a unit for outdoors and one for indoors. The system is installed in one room of your home or office only. This room may have specific heating or cooling needs that are not currently being met. Since you have a single-zone mini-split, the other rooms in your home would not benefit from more regulated temperature control.

    You can get that with a multi-zone ductless mini-split system. This features a compressor which attaches

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