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  1. How Much Clearance Do Mini Splits Need?

    How Much Clearance Do Mini Splits Need?

    You envisioned several places that the indoor air-handling units of your ductless mini split system would go. After speaking to your mini split technician, they mentioned clearance, which you’ll admit, you hadn’t thought about.

    What kind of clearance requirements does a mini split require?

    That’s something that varies based on the model of mini split. Let’s begin by talking first about the clearance of the indoor air-handling units and then the outdoor compressors.

    Indoor Air-Handling Unit Clearance

    The air-handling units are installed in your home or commercial building according to how many designated zones you select.

    The air-handling units must be positioned in such a way that they allow for the full range of airflow when in use. If your mini split is blowing only half the cold or warm air it should, then that can make the unit seem inefficient when it really isn't.

    Another consideration when selecting where the indoor

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  2. Do Mini Splits Need a Drain?

    Do Mini Splits Need a Drain?

    In the summer, you greatly enjoy taking some of the rooms where your central air conditioner doesn’t cool well and making them iceboxes via window air conditioner units. However, the worst part about owning a window AC is draining the condensate.

    After reviewing your spending on your utility bills, you realize that your current heating and cooling solutions are costing you a lot of money.

    You’ve been thinking of making the switch to a ductless mini split system for a few years now, and now might be as good a time as any to do it. However, before you do, you have to know if you’re going to have to drain a mini split all the time.

    Mini splits, like many types of cooling solutions, will indeed produce condensate that has to drain.

    So how does a mini split drain, you ask? It has its own built-in condensate drain, so you needn’t buy a separate drain for your mini split system.

    As the condensate drains from the mini split, it usually travels downward, such as

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  3. Can You Install a Mini Split Above a Door?

    Can You Install a Mini Split Above a Door?

    You’ve had it up to here with your high energy bills month after month. You’re ready to make the switch to something more energy-efficient such as a ductless mini split system, but admittedly, you don’t have much room around the house.

    Outside, where the compressor will go, your yard is spacious enough. You’re much more concerned with the placement of the indoor air-handling unit. Unless you can put your air-handling unit above a door, then you’re not sure what you’ll do.

    Can you install a mini split above a door?

    No, it’s not recommended that you install a mini split air-handling unit above the door.

    Why not? Well, it’s not terribly energy-efficient, for one.

    Imagine this scenario. You keep a door closed, such as in a bedroom. In that bedroom is your air-handling unit, which is installed right over the door.

    The room gets nice and cool (or warm, it all depends on your preferences) with the door closed. Then, t

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  4. Can I Replace My Furnace with a Mini Split?

    Can I Replace My Furnace with a Mini Split?

    Your old furnace has finally kicked the bucket. You had kind of known this was going to happen, as, over the past several winters, the furnace had given you indications that its time was drawing to a close.

    While you were expecting your furnace to die sooner or later, you were not expecting a new furnace to cost so much. You hadn’t been in the market for a furnace for 20 years, and you’re surprised at the prices of today’s furnaces.

    Perhaps it’s time to consider another heating solution instead, you think. You’re somewhat familiar with ductless mini splits and are always interested in learning more.

    Can a ductless mini split system act as a suitable furnace replacement?

    Many people only think of ductless mini splits as a cooling solution, but that simply isn’t true. A mini split can provide heating just as much as it does cooling.

    Rather than cool the air that the compressor or condenser collects, as is what usually happens with a mini split, the

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