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  1. Do Mini Splits Need a Heat Pump?

    Do Mini Splits Need a Heat Pump?

    Ductless mini split systems can heat or cool a space without using too much energy, making them a desirable alternative to standard HVAC. You’re eagerly soaking up as much information about mini splits as you can before you buy one, and you’re wondering if they require a heat pump. Do they need one?

    Let’s answer that question in today’s post!

    What Is a Heat Pump, Anyway?

    A heat pump is a type of heater that sends thermal energy from outdoors inside a building or home via refrigerant. As the name suggests, heat pumps move heat, but don’t generate it themselves.

    Instead, the heat pump relies on electricity to warm the components so the pump can then move the heat. The reduced reliance on fuel makes a heat pump an eco-friendly solution for heating indoor environments.

    Heat pumps are also energy efficient since they use

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  2. Exploring the Cost Savings of Investing in a Mini Split Heat Pump

    Exploring the Cost Savings of Investing in a Mini Split Heat Pump

    After yet another frustrating furnace breakdown, you’re ready to say goodbye to your traditional HVAC for good. You’ve heard great things about mini split heat pumps, and while you’re interested, you haven’t entirely made up your mind yet.

    Before you can, you must know how much money you can save if you invest in a mini split heat pump. Allow us to answer that question for you today.

    We’ll use examples throughout this post, so while these are figures you can aspire to, they’re not necessarily the precise savings you’ll experience with a ductless mini split heat pump.

    Okay, so let’s set up the example. You bought a mini split heat pump that operates at 24,000 British thermal units. It has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER rating of 18.  In your neighborhood, you pay $0.132 per kilowatt-hour for electricity.

    Your mini split heat pump costs $0.18 to run pe

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  3. How to Maximize Efficiency with Your Ductless Mini Split System

    How to Maximize Efficiency with Your Ductless Mini Split System

    Ductless mini splits are efficiency powerhouses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do more to enhance their efficiency. You might enjoy even more effective heating and cooling, so what kinds of changes can you make today?

    Here’s what we recommend!

    Watch How Much Light You Let In

    Sunlight brightens our lives and our moods, as it contains vitamin D which makes us happier. However, sunlight is also warm, and too much of it can generate radiant heat in the house.

    This makes your mini split have to work that much harder to keep indoor environments comfortable, especially in the summer.

    No one’s saying you have to become a vampire and live in darkness but consider using blinds or curtains to reduce the amount of sunlight during the day.

    Maintain Your Mini Splits

    The best way to keep yo

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