What would cause a mini split to freeze up?

Your mini split has frozen solid.

You might find this more plausible if it was the middle of winter, but it isn’t. It’s summertime and quite hot outside, so why is your mini split system a block of ice?

There are several reasons why a mini split will freeze up like this, actually. In today’s post, we’ll go over them all.

Slowed Airflow

How fast is the air moving through your ductless mini split system?

If it’s not speedy enough, then your mini split can freeze up.

What happens is the evaporator in cooling mode, within the mini split will decrease in temperature to such a degree that they’ll freeze.

Typically, a mini split’s coils are suspended in a state that’s about freezing but not quite. That’s because the coils consistently receive air that crosses over them whenever your mini split is operating.

At that t

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