Do Mini Splits Need a Heat Pump?

Ductless mini split systems can heat or cool a space without using too much energy, making them a desirable alternative to standard HVAC. You’re eagerly soaking up as much information about mini splits as you can before you buy one, and you’re wondering if they require a heat pump. Do they need one?

Let’s answer that question in today’s post!

What Is a Heat Pump, Anyway?

A heat pump is a type of heater that sends thermal energy from outdoors inside a building or home via refrigerant. As the name suggests, heat pumps move heat, but don’t generate it themselves.

Instead, the heat pump relies on electricity to warm the components so the pump can then move the heat. The reduced reliance on fuel makes a heat pump an eco-friendly solution for heating indoor environments.

Heat pumps are also energy efficient since they use less power. That’s due to the absence of heat generation.

So, Do Mini Splits Need a Heat Pump?

Now that you understand how heat pumps work, let’s circle back around to your question. Does a ductless mini split need a heat pump?

Not necessarily, but the mini split does perform better with one. That’s why you can purchase a mini split heat pump system.

A mini split heat pump features an outdoor condenser or compressor and at least one air-handling unit. Tubing between the air-handling unit and compressor provide heating via refrigerant.

The more air-handling units, the more efficiently you can heat your home or a large commercial building.

Each zone requires its own air-handling unit, with a zone referring to a part of a building that has specialized heating (or cooling) needs. Mini splits can have up to five zones and sometimes more.

The air-handling zones include a thermostat and a remote control for adjusting the temperature to your comfort levels. Each air-handling unit’s temperature is independent of the other one so one unit can be set to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and another to 67 degrees if that’s how you prefer it.

Like standard mini splits, a heat pump mini split system doesn’t require ductwork. This reduces energy losses and simplifies installation. The energy efficiency of these units also puts more money in your pocket!

Ready to Begin Shopping for Mini Splits?

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