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  1. Do I Need to Vacuum a Mini Split?

    Do I Need to Vacuum a Mini Split?

    You vacuum your carpeting, sure, and maybe your upholstery from time to time too, especially if it’s dusty. Yet your ductless mini split system? You weren’t aware that you had to vacuum that as well. Do you really?

    Yes, vacuuming a mini split is crucial before refrigerant release. That said, it’s not a job you have to do yourself if you don’t feel comfortable. You actually need a special vacuum for this type of job and it does not need to be done regularly like your carpet would.  Your mini split technicians will gladly take care of this task for you.

    Let’s discuss what the process entails now.

    The technician will use tools such as Allen keys, a mini split adapter, HVAC gauges, and a vacuum pump. If not HVAC gauges, then your technician may utilize a micron gauge instead, but the tools are not interchangeable.

    The technician will begin by inspecting the tools they are bringing to the job to ensure they are in working order. The valves will include t

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  2. Can You Put a Mini Split Over a Window?

    Can You Put a Mini Split Over a Window?

    In the summer, a window air conditioner in nearly every opening is a common sight in your home. Recently, you sat down and evaluated how much you’re spending on utilities. You can’t believe what electricity suckers all those window units can be!

    You need to do something about your HVAC spending. After a bit of research, you became interested in ductless mini splits, which you’ve heard can save you money on your monthly electricity bills.

    Can you put a mini split over a window like you would your air conditioner? Not exactly, because a ductless mini split system doesn’t work the same way.

    Allow us to explain the parts of a mini split. The outdoor compressor or condenser sits in your yard. Connected to the compressor is a series of indoor air-handling units. These units release the cold air in the summer and then warm air in the winter.

    The air-handling units have evaporator coils that are cold due to the refrigerant in the system. When warm air enters the min

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  3. Can a Mini Split Freeze Up?

    Can a Mini Split Freeze Up?

    You know that an air conditioner can freeze if it doesn’t have enough refrigerant. Since your ductless mini split system is capable of cooling (as well as heating), you wonder if the unit could suffer the same fate.

    Although ducted and ductless systems are usually as different as can be, this is one thing they do share. Indeed, then, your mini split system could freeze.

    What Causes a Mini Split to Freeze?

    Let’s explain one scenario in which a mini split freezes in more detail.

    Mini splits, like air conditioners, use refrigerant. Refrigerant is a type of chemical compound that can absorb heat and then send cool air through the unit. In the case of your mini split, those units are indoor air-handling units.

    If you have a leak anywhere in your system this could potentially cause the pressure within the mini split system to drop quite rapidly. The

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  4. Can a Mini Split Be Moved?

    Can a Mini Split Be Moved?

    You’ve had a ductless mini split system for years now without complaints. After doing some significant home remodeling, you find yourself wishing some of the components of the system were in different places than they are.

    Perhaps you’re bidding adieu to your home after having many happy memories there. You don’t want to leave your mini split for the next homeowners to use, especially because it’s made such a difference in how comfortable your home is, not to mention you love saving money on your energy bills.

    Is it possible for you to move parts of your mini split to accommodate your new home setup? What about the whole thing?

    Indeed, you can! That said, you can’t do it on your own. You’ll have to contact your mini split technician to come to the house and help.

    The components of your ductless mini split system can be heavier than they look. For instance, did you kno

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