Mini Split AC

Ductless mini splits, like anything else, operate under certain rules of thumb. This post will explore those rules in detail.

Watch Your Weather

Cold weather is when you rely on your heater the most. A ductless mini split system will continue to warm your home efficiently, but you must do your part. Brush snow off the exterior compressor. 

Mini splits can defrost and melt snow, but if you can reduce the amount of snow on the unit in the first place, this will make it work less hard to defrost. It will also defrost faster, so it can concentrate its energies on keeping your home toasty.

Keep It Clean

You should have the phone number of your ductless mini split technician handy so you can have them at your home every six months to clean the unit. In the meantime, take care of basic maintenance tasks yourself.

Remove external debris around the compressor, such as sticks, stones, and branches. Change the mini split filters every two to four weeks, depending on how often you run the unit.

Put the mini split on cool mode, then feel the suction line. Is it working like it should be? 

Listen to the condenser when your mini split is on. Does it make any odd noises when it used to run quietly? What about the indoor unit? Is that unnecessarily noisy? Confirm the temperature of the indoor unit’s exhaust, which shouldn’t run too hot. 

Know How Much Heating/Cooling You Need

What is the appropriate heating and cooling load for your home or commercial building? There’s a formula the EPA recommends that we’ll suggest to you, too. It’s called the 20 BTU per square foot formula or rule.

Measure the square footage of the rooms that need heating and cooling. Then, add those up and multiply the number by 20. That’s the amount of cooling and heating you need in British thermal units or BTUs. 

Keep It Running

One of the biggest errors new mini split owners make is running the unit only periodically. When the house is cool or warm enough, they turn off the mini split until they need it again. 

This is substantially detrimental to the functioning of the unit. It takes energy for the mini split to turn on again each time, straining the unit unnecessarily. Mini splits don’t break down often, but yours might more frequently because of this bad habit. 

You don’t have to concern yourself with wasting energy needlessly by allowing the mini split to run. It uses less power to continually operate than it does to turn off and then on. 

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