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  1. Can You Install a Mini Split Condenser on the Roof?

    Can You Install a Mini Split Condenser on the Roof?

    You’ve long since wanted a ductless mini split system for your home. Your current air conditioning system leaves dead spots in the house that get quite hot and humid in the summer. On top of that, your AC uses a lot of energy, which means you pay out the nose on your utility bills.

    One of the reasons you haven’t made the switch from traditional HVAC to a ductless mini split system is that you’ve heard you can only mount the outdoor compressor or condenser in your backyard.

    Your yard is rather small, and there’s no room for a condenser out there. However, you do have room on the roof. Can you get the mini split technicians to install the condenser up there?

    While this sounds like a good idea on paper, it doesn’t work in theory for a variety of reasons.

    For one, you’re supposed to safeguard the condenser from the elements as best you can. We recommend selecting a spot for your condenser where it’s under some cover, such as below an awning.

    If your c

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  2. Can I Run Mini Split Lines in the Attic?

    Can I Run Mini Split Lines in the Attic?

    Since a mini split system is ductless, the attic is usually a popular place to get the equipment installed. After all, the attic is out of sight for many homeowners, so you don’t have to worry about wiring or indoor air-handling units taking away from the appearance of your home.

    Can you run mini split lines in the attic? In today’s post, that’s exactly what we’ll discuss, so let’s get started.

    All ductless mini split systems have a line set, which refers to the copper tubing that links the evaporator to the condenser or compressor. The evaporator, in this case, refers to the indoor air-handling units.

    You may worry about the copper lines in your attic, which are very prone to hot and cold shifts that the changing seasons deliver.

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  3. How Do You Troubleshoot a Mini Split?

    How Do You Troubleshoot a Mini Split?

    Ductless mini splits are far more efficient than a clunky old HVAC unit such as a heater or air conditioner, but even mini splits have their problems. Scheduling routine maintenance with your mini split technician is the best way to avoid many common issues.

    What if your mini split begins acting up on a holiday or a weekend? Until you can get the technician out to you, you might be able to do a bit of troubleshooting yourself. Here are some jobs you can safely take care of before the pros come out to assess your mini split.

    Replace the Filter

    Your ductless mini split system uses a filter much in the same way your old air conditioner did. Since you were probably used to replacing that filter, it shouldn’t be much of a big deal to extend your filter-changing schedule to your ductless mini split.

    If the filter is black with grime, dust, and dirt, you can be surprised how much that affects the functioning of your mini split. The unit has to s

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  4. How Do You Reset a Mini Split?

    How Do You Reset a Mini Split?

    A dazzling thunderstorm just passed through your area. Well, the storm was dazzling until it knocked your power out. Now you’re less than happy. After the breaker was tripped, your ductless mini split doesn’t want to turn back on.

    You could really use it now, as the humidity in your home is increasing thanks to the heat from the storm. What should you do?

    Now is a good time to reset your ductless mini split system. Here’s how it’s done.

    First, turn off your ductless mini split. Even though it might not be getting any power now, that will change after you reset it.

    Next, find your home’s breaker box. The breaker might have a metal or plastic exterior if this is your first time accessing yours and you don't know what to look for. The box should be installed against an exterior wall, and it could be painted so it doesn’t stand out, although not always.

    Once you’ve located the breaker box, it’s time to power down your ductless mini split system by flipp

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  5. How Do I Know If My Mini Split Is Leaking?

    How Do I Know If My Mini Split Is Leaking?

    Your ductless mini split system hasn’t been working its best lately. You’ve been getting it maintained regularly, so you’re not entirely sure what the problem could be. You’re beginning to suspect a leak, but how can you be sure?

    That’s what we’ll tell you in today’s post.

    3 Signs Your Ductless Mini Split Is Leaking

    When your ductless mini split leaks, it’s not water that seeps out of the outdoor compressor, but rather, refrigerant. You wouldn’t be able to tell that just by looking, as refrigerant has no color. Even sniffing the fluid won’t be an indicator, as refrigerant has no odor either.

    Even if it was water, a leak is a leak, and it’s concerning. Here are the symptoms of a ductless mini split leak.

    1. Strange Noises

    Your ductless mini split, when you first bought it, was worlds quieter than your thumping, rumbling air conditioner. These days, though, your mini split is much more audible tha

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