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  1. Choosing the Best Location For a Mini Split

    Choosing the Best Location For a Mini Split

    You’re happy with your decision to get a ductless mini split system, but the question becomes where the indoor air-handling units will go. You’re also not sure where on your property the outdoor compressor or condenser should be installed.

    We’re here to make these decisions easier. Keep reading for tips on deciding where to home the components of your ductless mini split-system.

    Considerations for the Compressor

    The outdoor compressor usually goes in the backyard of a home, but not always. It’s ideal if you have an area of concrete or hard ground for the compressor. If you don’t, then your technician will suggest pouring a concrete pad instead. This will take more time and add to the expense of your ductless mini split system installation.

    The compressor must be able to operate unobstructed, so putting it near any obstacles is not recommended. Whether that’s your home’s sidewall, a pile of stones or branches, or another outdoor feature, thes

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  2. Are All Mini Splits Ductless?

    Are All Mini Splits Ductless?

    On this blog, we talk primarily about ductless mini split systems. Are those the only type of mini splits out there or can you shop ducted varieties as well?

    Yes, of course you can. In today’s post, we’ll discuss ducted mini splits in more detail and then contrast them to ductless mini splits. You won’t want to miss it!

    What Are Ducted Mini Splits?

    Ducted mini splits are not quite like the ducted heating or air conditioning solutions you might have installed in your home at current. Rather, they take the operational capacity of mini splits and add ductwork. This means you get energy efficiency compared to using ducted heating and cooling.

    Ducted mini splits consist of indoor air-handling units.  The evaporator is kept in its own container up in the attic or in a rarely-used closet. The last component is the compressor or condenser just like what you have in a ductless mini split system.

    The compressor sends refrigerant or co

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  3. Can You Put a Mini Split in the Attic?

    Can You Put a Mini Split in the Attic?

    Every year, there comes a time–okay, several times–when you have to venture into your attic. Maybe you keep off-season clothing in there or you stash some holiday decorations. You could even hide Christmas gifts if you’re especially clever.

    Either way, one thing that always strikes you about using your attic is how uninsulated it truly is. If it’s the middle of winter, you feel like you’re standing outside, your attic is that cold. In the summer, you dread going in there because the enclosed space is like a heat trap. The air is thick and muggy and you begin sweating instantly.

    You decided recently to get a ductless mini split system installed in your home. As the time inevitably comes for you to use the attic and you’re either left sweating or freezing, you have a thought. What if you got a mini split installed in the attic? Is it possible?

    Maybe, but it depends on your att

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  4. Is a Mini Split the Same as a Heat Pump?

    Is a Mini Split the Same as a Heat Pump?

    With a new year underway, you’ve spent considerable time going over your bills and budget for last year to see where you’re spending excessively. You’re not thrilled about your energy bill, and you know why it’s as high as it is. You have a very old air-conditioning unit or an ancient heater, maybe even both.

    That’s caused you to reconsider your heating and cooling options for the year ahead. One such option that you’re strongly thinking about is a ductless mini split system. You’re trying to learn as much about these systems as possible, which definitely means you’ve come to the right place.

    Your question is this: is a mini split the same as a heat pump?

    Heat pump is a technology which means a mini split can be the same as a heat pump, yes. However not all mini splits are heat pumps as mini splits can be cooling only.  It’s important to differentiate between a ducted versus a ductless heat pump, so let’s start there.

    If you have a ducted system, yo

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