What Is a Mini Split Condenser?

Another month of overspending on your electricity bills has you thinking about dumping your old HVAC units for good. You’ve heard a lot about the savings potential of a ductless mini split system, but such a system is unlike anything you’ve seen.

You’re trying to acquaint yourself with the features of a ductless mini split system before committing to owning one. One of the areas you’re especially fuzzy on is the mini split condenser. What is it exactly and what does it do?

In today’s post, we’ll answer those questions and more!

What Is a Mini Split Condenser and How Does It Work?

First thing’s first, let’s explain a ductless mini split condenser. The condenser is the outdoor unit opposite the indoor air-handling units. Unlike those air-handling units, of which there can be multiple in a home or commercial building, there’s only one condenser per mini split system.

The duty of the condenser is to work in conjunction with your air handling unit.  In the cooling mode, air is forced through the evaporator to remove heat with the refrigerant on the evaporator, this heat is transferred to the condensing unit where air is forced through the condenser to remove the heat into the outside air.  This process repeat continuously.

Is a Condenser the Same as a Compressor?

Some people refer to the outdoor unit of a ductless mini split system as a condenser and others as a compressor. The names are typically used interchangeably. Technically, a compressor is a part within the condenser that converts gas back to liquid, but if you hear someone call a condenser a compressor, they’re talking about the same unit.

Where Does the Condenser Go?

A professional technician can install the condenser of your mini split system quickly. This unit will go outside in your yard somewhere. The best spot for a condenser is one where it’s mostly shaded. The unit should be away from any vegetation, plants, and shrubs that can interrupt how well it works. It’s also ideal if the condenser has protection overhead, which will keep it from bearing the brunt of inclement weather like rain or snow.

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