What Size Mini Split for a Grow Room?

One of your favorite rooms in your house undoubtedly is the grow room. You tend to a sizable indoor garden in there, providing bright light and humidity so your houseplants can grow, grow, grow.

Yet maintaining the temperature in your grow room has become more of a challenge lately. The other day, the temps in there dropped so low that some of your plants suffered cold stress. You’re still nursing them back to health as we speak, which has left you none too pleased.

You need more consistent temperatures in your grow room, which is why you’re strongly considering a ductless mini split system. The only problem is you’re not sure which size mini split you need.

We can help you answer that!

Before we get started, we recommend you check out our HVAC load calculator and follow along. The load calculator requires you to input some information that will help you determine the mini split size and power that you need as represented in British thermal units or BTUs.

First, select which region you are in the United States. The country is split into five regions, with the northernmost part of the US the coldest and the southernmost states the hottest. You’d need more cooling if you live in a Region 1 or Region 2 state than you would in a Region 3 or Region 4 state.

Next, tell us a bit about your grow room. How many square feet is it and how tall is it in feet? Is the room insulated? We’re sure the grow room gets plenty of sun so your houseplants thrive, so select “strong exposure” from the sun exposure dropdown menu.

Then tell us how many windows the grow room has and whether the room is very well sealed, only marginally sealed, or barely sealed. If your grow room doubles as a sunroom, you can mark that down as well.

Wrapping up, describe the light sources you use to grow your houseplants, including any extra device heat in watts. From there, our handy HVAC load calculator will suggest the recommended cooling load in BTUs and your equipment capacity, also in BTUs.

You can then buy a well-sized mini split for your grow room right on our PowerSave AC website. We offer great mini split variety, with single-zone and multi-zone mini split systems available. If your grow room is bigger and has two zones, we can equip you with a dual-zone mini split.

Maybe you need air curtains or other accessories like a line-covering kit or a Wi-Fi adapter for your mini split system. We can provide you with those accessories as well so your grow room has everything it needs to maintain a consistent temperature.

To learn more about any of our products, you can call us at PowerSave AC today by dialing 877-297-6594. Once you realize how beneficial a ductless mini split system can be for your grow room, you might decide to use mini splits for all your heating and cooling needs in the rest of the house as well!