Different Types of Mini Split ACs

A ductless mini split is arguably the most energy-efficient cooling solution on the market, far more so than window air conditioners and even central cooling units. You’re interested in purchasing a mini split, but what types of mini split ACs can you choose from?

This succinct post will take you through your options so you can select one to provide the most optimal cooling in your home.

Ceiling Cassette Mini Split

A mini split’s indoor unit is considerably smaller than a window air conditioner. However, some customers want an indoor unit that’s as unobstructive as possible. We always recommend ceiling cassette mini splits to them.

These mini splits install higher on the wall near the ceiling (hence the name). They’re a less obvious solution that looks great in a bedroom, an office, a living room, or an entertainment room.

You can enjoy greater cooling without a bulky unit taking up space.

Floor-Mounted Mini Split

The next type of mini split AC you can select from is a floor-mounted unit. This is another means of making the indoor unit less obvious, but instead of mounting it higher on the wall, a floor-mounted mini split goes on the ground.

When someone walks into a room, their eye naturally goes toward the center where the eye-level items are. Then their eyes may venture upward, but rarely lower. No one will notice the indoor unit.

You might even forget it’s there!

Wall-Mounted Mini Split

The most classic type of mini split AC is a wall-mounted unit. This installs on the wall at about eye level or just higher. It’s not a hidden unit based on its installation position, but you can make it so if you wish by placing items around it, such as a bookshelf.

Single-Zone Mini Split

You can also select a mini split AC by the zones it cools. A zone is a part of the home or commercial building with more unique cooling needs.

For example, if you own a multi-story property, the upstairs rooms might be hotter than the ones downstairs, even with your central air conditioner running. You can target these zones with a ductless mini split system.

A single-zone mini split only cools one zone. This mini split solution makes sense if you have a smaller home or commercial building.

Multi-Zone Mini Split

Many more customers will select a multi-zone mini split unit, especially if they have average-sized or larger residences or commercial properties.

A multi-zone mini split is anything more than one zone. It can constitute a two-zone mini split all the way up to eight zones in some instances.

Of course, a mini split that large would be redundant for most households and very expensive.

A mini split technician can help you determine how many zones are appropriate for your home based on factors like square footage, climate, how many windows are in the home, and more.

Ready to Start Shopping for Mini Splits?

Now that you know the various kinds of mini split ACs, you’re readier to move forward with your purchase. PowerSave AC carries single-zone through five-zone mini splits for all your cooling needs.