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Please research the appropriate unit size for your area before purchasing. Above's suggestion of square footage is based on ideal situations where minimal heat is transferred. If the area contains many electrical appliances, windows, or non-insulated areas, your sizing may need to increase above the recommended square footage. Please ask an expert technician for ideal size before purchasing.

  1. How Does a Ductless Heat Pump Work?

    How Does a Ductless Heat Pump Work?

    After you complained about your failing heater for yet the third time this year, a neighbor recommended you try a ductless heat pump. They said they recently made the switch and loved it.

    You’re not denying you need something new, but you have a lot of questions about ductless heat pumps. What are they, how do they work, and are they the right answer for your home? Allow us to answer those questions for you in today’s post.

    What Is a Ductless Heat Pump?

    First, we’ll begin with a definition. A ductless heat pump is another heating option besides a traditional home furnace. Unlike most heating options, ductless heat pumps transfer heat without the need for ducts.

    Some ductless heat pumps can also act as an air conditioner. To blow out cold air rather than hot, the refrigerant goes backward from the outdoor unit to the ductless unit inside your home or office.

    How Does a Ductless Heat Pump Work?

    There are s

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  2. Is a Ductless Heat Pump Worth It?

    Is a Ductless Heat Pump Worth It?

    You’ve about had it with your furnace. You just got it fixed two years ago only to turn around and have issues with it again. It’s driving you crazy! Maybe next winter, instead of shelling out yet another time for heater repairs, it’s worth considering another heating option altogether.

    A few friends have recommended ductless heat pumps, and you’ve heard good things yourself. Still, you’re a little reluctant to make such a big jump to ductless heating. If you do, is it going to be worth your while?

    Absolutely! Here are some perks of ductless heat pumps that ought to convince you to give one a try for your home or office.

    Energy Bill Savings

    Not only does your current heater cost you in repairs, but if it’s not an energy-efficient model, you’re also spending more every month on your energy bill. Ductless heating and cooling solutions with a good Energy Star rating may be able to reduce your energy bill spending by as much as 30 percent

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  3. How Many Rooms Can a Mini Split Cool?

    How Many Rooms Can a Mini Split Cool?

    Do you have a large home or office? Your current heating or cooling solution might not be cutting it anymore, especially considering some rooms feel very comfortable, but others are always too hot or cold. You’re thinking of upgrading to ductless mini split heating and cooling instead.

    This is definitely a great choice, as mini splits are advantageous in many ways. You save money compared to using central air conditioning systems. Long-term, you could see more money pocketed thanks to lower utility bills. Ductless units are also known for their quiet operation, especially compared to your large, clunky air conditioner or heater.

    One of the biggest benefits of ductless mini split systems–and one we think you’ll most be interested in–is the capacity for zoned heating and cooling. This lets you target those troublesome rooms that lack adequate heating and cooling while the other rooms feel comfortable enough.

    The question becomes, if you have multiple trouble

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  4. What Size Breaker Do I Need for a Mini Split?

    What Size Breaker Do I Need for a Mini Split?

    You’re quite pleased with your decision to invest in a ductless mini split for heating or cooling. Whether your home or office is benefitting from this new unit, one thing you need going forward is a circuit breaker. This way, should your home or office get an excess of power, such as from a thunderstorm, your mini split won’t be damaged.

    While you may have been able to figure out the right circuit breaker for your traditional air conditioner or heating unit, you’re not sure what you need for your ductless mini split. Which breaker size is best?

    To answer that question, you should have some information handy about your ductless mini split. Here’s what you need to know.

    MCA Amps

    Minimum circuit amps or MCA amps clue you in on the smallest amount of power wire your mini split can use. If you by chance have a unit on your roof, knowing the MCA tells you how much electrical current is required when running in a steady state.

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  5. How Do I Choose a Ductless Mini Split?

    How Do I Choose a Ductless Mini Split?

    It’s taken you some time to reach this point, but you’ve determined a ductless mini split is the best heating/cooling solution for your home or office. As your research has taken you even further, you’ve realized there exist quite a large amount of mini split manufacturers. That gives you tons of options, far more than you need. How do you choose the best mini split for you?

    Here are some factors that ought to make narrowing down your decision easier.

    Zone Cooling/Heating

    Your home or office building is divided into different zones. Some of these may have more heating/cooling needs and others fewer. This zone breakdown will thus point you in the right direction for your ductless mini split.

    For example, if you only have one zone that needs heating or cooling, such as a small office, then a single-zone ductless mini split system is best for you. If you’ve identified several zones, then a multi-zone mini split would suit your needs best. T

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  6. How Long Do Ductless Air Conditioners Last?

    How Long Do Ductless Air Conditioners Last?

    With spring just about to officially begin, you’re starting to think of what’s to come. That is, the warm months ahead that are full of hot temperatures, high humidity, and sticky days and nights. If your current air conditioning unit is older or even on the fritz, now is a good time to plan for how you’ll keep your home cool all summer long.

    One option you’re considering is a ductless air conditioning system. You’ve read this blog and heard lots of good things, enough to have you seriously thinking of going ductless. Still, there’s one question of yours that’s unanswered.

    That is, how long should you expect to have your ductless air conditioner?

    The average lifespan of a ductless air conditioner is 20 years. Considering that some traditional air conditioners last only 12 years, that’s eight extra years out of your ductless system. Even if your current AC didn’t peter out until it hit 15 years, you’re still talking about a difference of five years more you’d ge

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  7. Is a Mini Split More Efficient Than a Window Unit?

    Is a Mini Split More Efficient Than a Window Unit?

    This time of year, as winter is about over and the spring will soon arrive, you can’t help but think of the warmer months to come. You typically use a window air conditioning unit to beat the heat, but this year, you’re thinking of doing things differently. One other option that has interested you is a ductless mini split system. Is this really more efficient than a window unit? Let’s explore.

    Window Air Conditioning Unit Efficiency

    We’ll begin by talking about window units. These are sized for a standard household window. You position the unit in the open window and then set it to cool that room only. You can add more window units for more cooling power, but is this necessarily efficient?

    According to, most window units can cool a room at 12,000 BTUs. They’re somewhat efficient, but not very. There are some window units on the market today that are designed for greater energy efficiency. These have an energy efficiency ratio or EER of

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  8. Is Central Air Better Than Ductless?

    Is Central Air Better Than Ductless?

    For about as long as you can remember, you’ve had central air conditioning in your home. Whether it’s the noise of the AC each time it kicks on and runs, the leaky ductwork, or something else entirely, you’re beginning to look at your other cooling options.

    One of those options that has really captivated your attention is a ductless mini split system. The zoned cooling seems like it might be a good solution for your home (and even your office), but you’re still not sure which to choose. Should you stick with what you already have or make the move to a mini split system? Is it true that central air is really better than going ductless?

    To answer that, we’ll review both systems, including the pros and cons for each.

    Pros and Cons of Central Air Conditioning

    Central air conditioning is a common cooling method for many a homeowner. That’s because it’s advantageous in the following ways:

    • Air conditioning units, as they tend
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  9. Can You Oversize a Mini Split?

    Can You Oversize a Mini Split?

    Ductless mini split systems provide heating or cooling by room, also known as zones. Since your mini split system can include as many as five zones, sometimes even more, you may wonder if it’s possible to have too many mini splits through oversizing.

    In today’s post, we’re here to explore that very topic so you can make a smart, energy-efficient choice for your home or office.

    Can You Oversize a Mini Split?

    Some mini split systems might not be as hulking as the furnace in your basement or the air conditioning unit in the backyard. This may give consumers the impression that you can’t oversize a mini split system.

    As it turns out, that’s very much not the case. Mini splits can indeed be oversized. If you’re of the bigger is always better mentality, then you may wonder how this could be problematic.

    To answer that question, we’ll look

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  10. How to Maintain a Ductless AC Unit

    How to Maintain a Ductless AC Unit

    You’ve invested in a ductless air conditioner for your home or office. The system runs very well for now, but you know that to keep it in optimal condition, you need to maintain it. The only problem is you have no idea where to start.

    Luckily, in today’s post, we’ll provide some handy tips and pointers for keeping your ductless AC in the best running shape! Here’s what to do.

    Take Care of Your Compressor

    The compressor is the lifeblood of your ductless unit. Without it, you can’t enjoy air conditioning, so you must take care of it. If you have a team of ductless AC technicians that you already use, you can schedule them to come out every week or so to clean the compressor. You can also check the compressor yourself between cleanings to ensure it’s not obstructed by any debris.

    Keep the Exterior of the Air Conditioner Clean

    If dirt, dust, or debris gets into your ductless air conditioner, the unit may malfunction

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