Do Mini Splits Devalue a House?

Whether you’ve moved into a starter home you know you someday want to sell, or you’re a long-term homeowner obsessed with the small details, home value drives a lot of an average homeowner’s decisions.

Should you get an in-ground pool installed in the backyard? Is it really going to be such a big deal if you cut down that tree in the front yard? What about if you expand the house?

Even smaller household changes can influence your property’s curb appeal. That has you wondering, should you switch out your traditional HVAC units and upgrade to a ductless mini split instead? Will that devalue your home or increase its value?

A ductless mini split system will improve your home’s curb appeal. Here’s why.

Better Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a top priority for everyone nowadays as we all try to do our part for a healthier, longer-lasting planet. A homebuyer who sees your mini split system versus an old furnace or air conditioner will recognize that it’s a green solution and will typically pay more for your property.

More Appealing Unit Design

When browsing homes for sale, buyers get obsessed with the details. If you have a large, boxy central air conditioner sitting outside square in the center of your backyard, that will turn some buyers off.

Perhaps they envisioned adding a playset for the kids to your yard or even a swimming pool, whether an above-ground or in-ground pool. With the AC there, they can’t do any of that.

If a large furnace takes up considerable basement room, there go the plans of finishing the basement for a fun recreational space.

Mini splits require far less room by comparison. The outdoor compressor is much smaller than a central air conditioner, and the indoor units mount to the wall. You can customize their placement so they’re out of the way, and obscure them so you won’t even notice they’re there.

Easier Maintenance

No one wants to walk into a long-term care routine for a furnace or air conditioner. After all, there’s enough to do when moving into a new home! The more time one must dedicate to keeping these units afloat, the less appealing your home sounds, even if it has several other great features.

Ductless mini splits are easier to maintain by comparison. Keep the exterior of the outdoor compressor clear of snow and debris, replace the indoor unit’s filters now and again, and call a technician every few months to do the rest of the maintenance. Simple!

Good Longevity

A ductless mini split system can last just as long as traditional HVAC, if not longer, between 10 and 20 years. A homebuyer can count on the mini split to last for a good, long while so they don’t have to stress about replacing it shortly after moving in.

Long-Term Savings

The biggest benefit of a ductless mini split system is how much it will save on monthly utility bills. Of course, a buyer can’t appreciate the difference if the home has the mini split when they move in, as they never had to contend with the old HVAC, but you’re saving thousands of dollars each year in most cases!