Why are Ductless Mini Splits the Best Choice for Small Spaces

Owning a small home affords you the freedom to eschew many of the trappings of everyday life. You’ve learned to live minimally, as you can only fit so much in your home. You’ve detached from material items and found value in other aspects of life.

You deserve adequate heating and cooling for your home, no matter its size, the same as anyone else does. However, you’ve struggled to find options that work for your small property, as furnaces are comically large, and central air conditioners just don’t make sense.

A ductless mini split is the solution you need to cool and warm your small space. Here’s why.

Outdoor Compressors Aren’t Space Hogs

Ductless mini split systems require at least two components: the compressor or condenser and the air-handling unit. The compressor goes outside in your backyard or side yard, and the air-handling units are indoors. A copper wire connects them.

Compressors are much smaller than outdoor air-conditioning units, requiring a slab. They’ll occupy less space, so you can continue to use your backyard for grilling, swimming, gardening, or entertaining.

Indoor Units Offer Versatile Installation

Air-handling units are far more streamlined than traditional HVAC units, especially furnaces. The indoor mini split units are even less bulky than window air conditioners and far less unsightly.

You have options for where to place the air-handling units on your wall, such as nearer the ceiling or closer to the floor. Even if your rooms have tight layouts that lack a lot of spare space, you can still make a mini split system work in your small home.

No Need to Install Ductwork

One of the biggest challenges when determining your heating and cooling options for small homes is how your property will accommodate ductwork. It’s not exactly convenient to install ducts all over the place.

There’s no need if you select a ductless mini split system. It’s in the name – these systems don’t require any ductwork. That makes them a convenient heating and cooling solution for unconventional layouts like small homes.

Zoned Heating or Cooling Is Ideal for Small Spaces

Mini splits work according to zones. Allow us to explain.

A zone is an area that needs heating and cooling, usually at a greater level than other parts of the house. Each zone has its own air-handling unit, with mini splits capable of accommodating one to eight indoor units.

Warming and cooling your home by zone ensures less wasted air. You’ll also feel more concentrated air, which means ultra-efficient heating in the winter and blissfully cool air conditioning in the summer.

You don’t have strong heating or cooling needs as the owner of a tiny home, especially compared to larger properties. Zoned heating and cooling prevent wastefulness and keep you comfy all year long.

You’ll Save on Your Utility Bills

Here’s another benefit of using a ductless mini split system for small spaces: energy bill savings! You won’t needlessly use energy, and the difference will be lower bills month after month, year after year.

Your bills probably aren’t tremendously high given the size of your property, but who doesn’t welcome an opportunity to save money?