Why Are Ductless Mini Splits More Energy Efficient

Ductless mini splits are a rising technology. You’ve probably heard friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues remark on their mini split units. However, you’ve used traditional HVAC all your life, and you aren’t sure why you should consider switching now.

Are mini splits really more energy-efficient than traditional HVAC? And if so, why?

Yes, ductless mini splits are far better for our planet than furnaces and central air conditioning, and it comes down to a few very simple reasons.

The first is the absence of ducts.

Ducts are not the best means of delivering hot or cold air by a long shot. They have teeny-tiny gaps and openings that allow air to escape. Those gaps can become more pronounced the longer you have your ducts, often unbeknownst to you.

About 20 to 30 percent of the air that travels through your ducts from your furnace or air conditioner is lost. That air exits through the gaps in the ductwork, which can explain why it takes so long for a furnace to warm your home and your AC to cool it.

Ductless mini split systems provide duct-free heating and cooling by using outdoor air and refrigerant to heat or cool the air as required. You have far fewer air losses, meaning more pronounced heating and cooling faster than what traditional HVAC can provide.

The other substantial difference between traditional HVAC and ductless mini splits is how they heat and cool.

A central air conditioner or furnace works in essentially the same fashion. Air leaves the unit and blows out of the vents throughout your home. All the rooms with vents receive heating and cooling to the same degree and at the same temperature.

However, this is inefficient. Upstairs rooms might need more cooling and less heating, and what about drafty parts of the home like a sundeck? They need less cooling and more heating. However, the house receives uniform heating and cooling with traditional HVAC.

A ductless mini split system approaches heating and cooling completely differently. You can divide your home into zones, such as the aforementioned warmer upstairs or cooler sunroom. Each zone has its own temperature requirements and an indoor unit.

All indoor units must heat or cool simultaneously, but you can adjust the temperature for more customized coolness or warmth.

Are you still unconvinced? Here are some more benefits of a ductless mini split system that traditional HVAC lacks:

  • Quiet operation for more relaxation and better sleep
  • Higher SEER rating for withstanding temperatures with aplomb
  • Easier installation than traditional HVAC
  • Fewer breakdowns and repairs (dependent on maintenance)
  • Faster, more reliable heating and cooling
  • Lower utility bills

Order Your Ductless Mini Splits from PowerSave AC

Now that you’ve seen the difference between traditional HVAC and ductless mini splits, upgrading your home should be a given.

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