The question of what size unit is needed for a certain application is one of the most common questions we receive here at PowerSave AC.  The truth is that although it may seem a bit complex, choosing the right size unit can be a very simple and straightforward process.  We have simplified this process even further by creating a custom “What System Do You Need” finder right on our website!  Using this finder you simply enter the amount of zones, the total application area, and the function needed of the unit and our system does the rest to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Click here to see how our finder works in real time:


Now even with this simplified finder there are still some questions that may come up in choosing the right size system for you so let’s go through some of the criteria to make sure you’re picking the perfect system:

#1 – How Many Zones?


There are essentially 2 different styles of systems that we sell on our site with a plethora of different variations.  Those two types of systems are:

Single zone mini splits are (you guessed it) units that only come with one indoor unit.  These systems are ideal for smaller application areas and single room environments.  Some perfect examples of uses for single zone mini split units are:

  • Separated single-room guest house
  • Separated single-room pool house
  • Outdoor tool shed/work room
  • Small chicken coups or animal shelters
  • Separated wine or food storage rooms
  • Separated single or double car garages that require air circulation

Using a single indoor unit with a powerful outdoor air handler can add just what is needed for these small indoor spaces.

Multi-Zone mini splits are ideal for larger areas that require several indoor units.  This could range for a house with multiple bedrooms, to a 4-unit apartment complex, to commercial spaces.  The amount of zones needed depends many times on how many rooms are in the space (typically 1 unit/zone per rooms).

#2 – Total Application Area

This criteria is more straightforward and basically just depends on the total square footage of the application area.  We split these up into several ranges to make it as easy as possible to pick the unit that’s best for you here’s our entire range of square foot options we have for our products:

  • 300 - 450 sqft
  • 300 - 550 sqft
  • 750 - 1000 sqft
  • 850 - 1250 sqft
  • 1000 - 1650 sqft
  • 1200 - 2000 sqft
  • 1250 - 1500 sqft
  • 1250 - 1750 sqft
  • 1400 - 2300 sqft
  • 1600 - 2500 sqft

This can be split up as well, so if you for example have an application area of 5000 sqft you can choose 2 mini split options that each have a range of 2500 sqft.

Please research the appropriate unit size for your area before purchasing. Above's suggestion of square footage is based on ideal situations where minimal heat is transferred. If the area contains many electrical appliances, windows, or non-insulated areas, your sizing may need to increase above the recommended square footage. Please ask an expert technician for ideal size before purchasing.

#3 – Function?

Our final criteria to help you determine the perfect unit is what function is needed for your unit?  We have 2 separate types of units, those that are COOL ONLY (which means that they only perform a cooling function and not a heating function) and units labeled HEAT PUMP (which means they can perform cooling & heating functions).  If the whole point of your mini split system is just to keep an area cool during the summer months than a cool only unit is perfect for your needs.  If you however need a system that can cool during summer months and heat during winter months than our heat pump units are the ideal solution for you.

That’s it for our quick guide on choosing the correct size ductless mini split unit but if you are left with any questions feel free to call us at: (855) 539-7656.