Traditional central air conditioning systems

When most people think about a central air conditioning system they picture the standard large outdoor unit, powering an indoor unit which is connected to a wall thermostat that can be changed by moving it to the desired temperature.  These classic central air conditioning systems function by forcing hot or cool air through a series of “ducts” which are built into the home or office, usually by descending the roof by about 1 foot in height (but also can be placed underneath the floor in the US) , and subsequently pushing this air through vents.  Here’s a picture of these air conditioning ducts used by these traditional systems:

As you can see these very large systems of ductwork are the basis of these systems.  This type of central air conditioning system is widely used across all of North America is most likely the type of unit you are most familiar with. 

What makes ductless mini split systems different?

Ductless mini split systems are different than traditional central air conditioning systems because of one key feature, they are ductless! Instead of having to employ large duct systems throughout the roof of home or office building, these systems operate with very simple piping which connect the outdoor inverter unit to either a single indoor unit or a series of indoor units.  Here’s a snapshot of what a single-zone ductless mini split unit looks like in action

As you can see these systems employ an outdoor inverter unit which sends refrigerant through small pipes which is then passed through an indoor heat/cool exchanger which can control the velocity and direction of air in a plethora of different ways.  Using this system, the inverter can be controlled to set the temperature (with many systems offering even more options).  There are many benefits of skipping the ductwork and going with a ductless a/c unit, such as:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Lower energy costs
  • Better temperature control
  • The ability to control A/C with a remote control
  • Avoiding the use of ducts which can harbor dust, bacteria, mold and a host of other gross things which are hard to clean out
  • In new constructions or in older buildings, there is no need to add expensive and unsightly ductwork!


With the current advancement in technology with ductless mini split units the benefits are continuing to increase.  The latest advancement is the ability to control the temperature of each individual room instead of setting one temperature for an entire house, condo, or building which is the case with traditional A/C systems.  This advanced and pinpointed temperature control is accomplished using multiple indoor units which are placed in each room.  The individual indoor units can then be configured to any temperature and blower speed necessary for the application of that room.  This type of ductless mini split system setup is called a multi-zone ductless mini split system and here at PowerSave AC we offer up to 5 different zones completely at your individual control.  Gone are the days of being freezing cold or dripping sweat because of conflicting temperature needs! Here’s a diagram showing how these multi-zone systems work in action:


If you’d like to learn more about how ductless mini split systems work or if you’d like to speak to one of our friendly and helpful sales staff to choose the best system to suit your needs, please call us today at 1-855-539-7656.