What Is Mini Split Inverter Technology?

Staying current on your ductless mini split options helps you make educated decisions about what’s the best heating and/or cooling solutions for your home or business. In today’s post, we want to discuss mini split inverter technology, which could be just what you’ve been looking for.

We’re all obsessed with smart technology today, right? We’re always on our smartphones where we can talk to Siri and get weather updates or even hear a funny joke. Smart thermostats let us set the temperature in our home with a voice command and smart TVs can flip from channel to channel via your control. Why not smart ductless mini splits as well?

Ductless mini split inverter technology is indeed smart. This allows the heating and cooling unit to gauge what level of comfort you need and then work internally to remain at that temperature or very close to it. How? The ductless mini split will either speed up or slow down the converter depending on how close your home or commercial business already is to the ideal temperature you’re striving for.

Inverter technology keeps the mini split from having to turn itself on and off a lot. Whether it’s your computer, your phone, or your heating and cooling solution, you know keeping a unit on continually is usually better than turning it on and then off and on again and off again.

The longevity of your ductless mini split system is far from the only benefit you can enjoy with inverter technology. You still have all the same perks of a ductless mini split to look forward to as well. For example, the versatility of mini splits is still present, so whether you have a drop ceiling or a traditional wall, mounting an indoor air-handling unit is easy. Installation costs tend to be low too.

Ductless mini split systems–including those with inverter technology–tend to run more quietly than the traditional HVAC like a heater or air conditioner that you might already have. If you work from home, you can concentrate with less whirring and buzzing noises from your heating/cooling unit. You’ll also sleep more soundly.

The best benefit of mini split inverter technology is energy efficiency. When a unit runs well, you can see great savings on your monthly energy bills. How great? Why not use our energy savings calculator to answer that question for yourself? We just need to know your cooling hours per year, your current electric rate in cents per kilowatt hours, your air conditioning capacity, the SEER rating of your current air conditioner, and the SEER of your new mini split unit.

SEER is short for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, which we just discussed in another post. Make sure you read it if you missed it!

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