Is a Mini Split More Efficient Than a Window Unit?

This time of year, as winter is about over and the spring will soon arrive, you can’t help but think of the warmer months to come. You typically use a window air conditioning unit to beat the heat, but this year, you’re thinking of doing things differently. One other option that has interested you is a ductless mini split system. Is this really more efficient than a window unit? Let’s explore.

Window Air Conditioning Unit Efficiency

We’ll begin by talking about window units. These are sized for a standard household window. You position the unit in the open window and then set it to cool that room only. You can add more window units for more cooling power, but is this necessarily efficient?

According to, most window units can cool a room at 12,000 BTUs. They’re somewhat efficient, but not very. There are some window units on the market today that are designed for greater energy efficiency. These have an energy efficiency ratio or EER of about 11.2. If you’re not familiar, you get the EER by taking the cooling in BTUs over the power input wattage in a ratio.

If your window unit’s EER is over 12, then it’s probably sucking up more power just to provide a bit of cooling.

Ductless Mini Split System Efficiency

Then we’ve got ductless mini splits. The outdoor compressor as part of this system provides cooling to units that are mounted to the walls or ceiling. Each mini split will cool a zone, or a specific part of your home or office that needs the most cooling.

While window units can do something similar, you don’t get cooling as comprehensive as you do with a ductless mini split. Remember, a window AC blows air in one direction, which is straight out in front of it. Other corners of the room don’t necessarily feel as cool. With a mini split, you get whole-room cooling according to the zones you select.

Besides that, the energy efficiency of mini splits is well proven. With no ducts, it’s impossible for leaks to develop in the ductwork that can limit your cooling. Also, the versatility of ductless mini splits makes them a winning option. Window units are limited to only where the windows are in your home or office. If you have no windows in a room, then you’d need an oscillating fan to keep the room somewhat comfortable.

Mini split systems aren’t restricted by things like windows. If you have walls and a ceiling in which to work with, then you can likely get a mini split installed in that room.

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