How Long Do Ductless Air Conditioners Last?

With spring just about to officially begin, you’re starting to think of what’s to come. That is, the warm months ahead that are full of hot temperatures, high humidity, and sticky days and nights. If your current air conditioning unit is older or even on the fritz, now is a good time to plan for how you’ll keep your home cool all summer long.

One option you’re considering is a ductless air conditioning system. You’ve read this blog and heard lots of good things, enough to have you seriously thinking of going ductless. Still, there’s one question of yours that’s unanswered.

That is, how long should you expect to have your ductless air conditioner?

The average lifespan of a ductless air conditioner is 20 years. Considering that some traditional air conditioners last only 12 years, that’s eight extra years out of your ductless system. Even if your current AC didn’t peter out until it hit 15 years, you’re still talking about a difference of five years more you’d get by upgrading to a ductless system.

To enjoy the max amount of time out of your ductless air conditioner, you must care for it. When you get the system installed, ask the technicians what kind of maintenance your AC will require. While the technicians will do most of this themselves, you too can get on a maintenance routine for the betterment of your ductless AC.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Clear away obstructions from the compressor, which is the part of the system that goes outside. Even in the winter, when you’re not using your air conditioning, you still want to keep the compressor clean. Make sure you wipe away snow and ice.
  • Check the air filter. This filter may be single-use or reusable, but it’ll need a cleaning monthly. If the filter traps too much dirt, your air conditioner loses its efficiency. Your energy bills may go up as a result.
  • Avoid putting things near the air conditioner, both inside and outside. From household furniture to garbage bins, anything that blocks the ductless AC will limit its cooling capabilities.

Giving the air conditioner a break every now and again is also recommended. If you have traditional seasons where you live, then the air conditioner will likely only run for about half the year, if that. Once autumn arrives, you can typically turn the AC off.

If you call a part of the country home that’s always warm, then wait until cooler periods to give the ductless AC a much-deserved rest. For example, on a cold night, you can very comfortably go without air conditioning.

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