How Much Will a Mini Split Save Me?

Ah, saving money. It sure is nice, right? You try to cut back wherever you can in many areas of your life.

You wish you could do something about your energy bills though, as those are higher than you’d like. You try to turn off the lights when not in a room and unplug devices you’re not using. Is there more you can do?

Yes, there is. By switching to a ductless mini split system over traditional HVAC such as heaters or air conditioners, you can see some potentially significant savings.

How much money can you expect to pocket by getting a ductless mini split system installed? That varies depending on the square footage of your home, what you currently pay for heating and cooling, and how much heating and cooling you need in British thermal units or BTUs and the cost per kW in the area that you live.

According to mini split manufacturer Mitsubishi, ductless cooling and heating can reduce your energy costs between 30 and 40 percent. That’s quite a lot of money you could keep in your wallet by going ductless.

If you want more specific numbers, we can help you. Our mini split energy savings calculator will paint a clearer picture. All you have to do is choose your region so we can estimate your cooling hours per year.

Then tell us how much money you spend on electricity in cents per kilowatt hours, then the capacity and seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER of your current unit as well as the SEER rating of your new mini split air conditioner.

We’ll then crunch some numbers to show you how much money you’ll save over five years, 10 years, and 15 years with our handy calculator.

Let’s present an example so we can show you how our mini split energy savings calculator works. For the example, you’re in Region #3, which includes the central United States. Your current rate of electricity spending is 15.64 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Your HVAC air conditioner has a capacity of 9,000 and a SEER of 9. Your new ductless mini split system has a SEER of 18.

Using that example, your air conditioner is currently costing you $219 a year. A ductless mini split system would cost only $110. That’s $109 you’ll save per year.


Think about what you can do with $1309 in your pocket over that time span. That’s enough money to make a down payment for a new car, put some significant funds towards your child’s college education, or maybe finally begin budgeting for that home remodeling project you’ve put off for too long.

If you’re interested in exploring your ductless mini split system options, contact our team at PowerSave AC. We specialize in single-zone and multi-zone mini splits for small and large properties alike. We serve commercial businesses as well.

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