What Does a Mini Split Look Like on the Outside of the House?

Once the last snow of the season melts, you’re outside every weekend mowing your lawn, pruning your landscaping, and tending to your garden. You care just as much about the exterior of your home as the interior. After all, when people drive by, it’s the outside of your property they see.

This year, you’ve toyed with the idea of getting a ductless mini split system installed. However, you worry that the inclusion of the system on your property would detract from the look of your home’s exterior.

What does a mini split look like on the outside of the home?

Well, we think you’ll be happy to learn that it doesn’t look like much. Ductless mini split systems include air-handling units and a compressor or condenser. The air-handling units, whether you have one or several for your home, all go inside the house.

The compressor is the outdoor part of your ductless mini split system. It’s about as large as an outdoor air conditioner as part of a central air unit, but that varies by manufacturer. Some brands might make smaller compressors.

It’s not like the compressor is sitting in the middle of your yard. That’s about the worst thing for it, actually. You’ll need a concrete slab for the compressor. Don’t worry, the slab only has to be as big as the compressor (maybe a few extra inches on all four sides for a bit of wiggle room), so that’s not going to detract from all the greenery in your yard.

The compressor should be away from direct sunlight and ideally tucked away under an awning or other permanent cover. Just don’t use shrubs or trees to protect the compressor. The falling sticks, leaves, and branches can get caught in the compressor and affect how well your mini split works.

The refrigerant line between the compressor and the indoor air-handling units might be visible depending on where the air-handling units are installed. If you don’t like the look of the stray lines, you can always purchase a mini split line cover kit. The kit includes a decorative cover that no one would ever guess didn’t already belong on your property.

Now that you know that you can still enjoy a beautiful home exterior with a ductless mini split system, there’s no better time to plan your mini split project. When you call PowerSave AC, we can discuss your current heating and cooling challenges and recommend one of our mini split systems.

We carry mini splits from all your favorite brands at a variety of price points. You can select the seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER so that whether your home needs a lot of heating and cooling power or only a little, you have a mini split system that’s made for your comfort.