Mini Split AC

Modern mini split AC systems sure are amazing. They have so many advanced features that make them a wise choice for more homes and commercial buildings than ever. Here is an overview. 


A mini split AC system is handy for more than cooling! Many units can also heat your home. You don’t need to set up a separate indoor system or anything of the sort. Simply switch between heating and cooling modes as you desire to experience the difference of a comfortable home.

What if your mini split system uses several indoor units? All units must be on the same setting to run. In other words, you must have all the units set to cool or heat. 

You can’t cool using some indoor units and heat using others, although who knows what the future of modern mini split technology looks like? You can never say never! 


Frigid winter temperatures can put your mini split system at risk of freezing. That’s why many mini splits can defrost in cold conditions to prevent the condenser coils from becoming ice blocks. 

The defrost feature will keep your mini split functioning so you experience no lapses in heating. However, you still don’t want to let mountains of snow pile up on the compressor outside. Dust it off when the snow stops.

Also, be aware that even modern mini splits have a temperature limit. Some can operate to zero degrees Fahrenheit, and others into the negatives. 


As your modern mini split AC system works, it can generate heat. That’s why it includes a dehumidifying feature. 

Here’s how it works. The moisture within the unit becomes a liquid as the air temperature cools. The mini split takes the moisture and stores it separately within the system so it doesn’t interrupt the airflow. 

You’ll feel purer, cooler air and won’t have to fret about humidity building up in the mini split unit, rusting or otherwise damaging internal components. 


Another advanced feature of modern mini split AC systems is their flexibility. You can order a single-zone mini split, ideal for small homes or offices. You can also opt for a two-zone, three-zone, four-zone, or five-zone mini split. 

Some mini split models go all the way to eight zones, and it could be even more in the future. 

Further, you can select from modes such as fan only, dehumidifying by room, and operational timers, which are fully programmable. 

These features make a mini split an effortlessly great choice. 

Optimal Temperature Control

Each indoor unit includes a remote and internal thermostat. You can set the precise temperature of the indoor unit, and guess what the best part is? Each indoor unit can operate at independent temperatures of one another.

If you prefer temps of 65 degrees in one room and 72 in another, you can have it your way across the whole home. 

Energy Efficiency 

The last advanced feature of modern mini split AC systems is the most beneficial: amazing energy efficiency. Ducts can lose upwards of 30 percent of the cool air from a central air conditioner, so it’s no wonder a mini split system makes such a difference in how comfortable your home feels.