Comparing Single-Zone and Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Splits

You’ve begun exploring the world of ductless mini splits ahead of switching from traditional HVAC like central air conditioning and furnace heating. However, you keep hearing the word “zone,” especially in relation to single-zone and multi-zone mini splits. What does it mean?

You’re in luck if you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating mini split subject, as we’ll provide plenty of information ahead. You’ll feel readier to buy a mini split system.

So, What Is a Zone, Anyway?

Zoned heating and cooling are the biggest differentiators between ductless mini splits and traditional HVAC, as it’s something the latter lacks.

Essentially, zoned heating and cooling are more concentrated than the air from your vents when running a central air conditioner or furnace. You must know what a zone is to understand why that’s the case.

A zone is a section of your home or commercial building that requires more heating and/or cooling than average. Zones can include sections of a building, entire rooms, or half rooms. It all depends on the layout and what kinds of heating and cooling needs you have.

Zoned heating and cooling provide that concentrated airflow without the rest of the home or building feeling the same effects.

For example, let’s say you work in an upstairs office. It’s a warm space between the room’s location and the heat from your computer. You could treat the office as a zone separate from an upstairs bedroom.

The office will receive more specialized heating or cooling independent of the heating or cooling throughout the rest of the home.

Single Zones vs. Multi Zones

Now that you understand the basics of zones, it’s time to delve into single-zone and multi-zone ductless mini split systems.

A single-zone mini split is self-explanatory. These mini splits will heat or cool only one zone. The mini split requires one indoor air-handling unit connected to an outdoor condenser.

You might require single-zone heating and cooling if you live in a condo or small home or own a small commercial building.

Multi-zone mini split systems refer to any mini split over one zone. A multi-zone mini spilt can be two through eight zones. Just as was true with a single-zone mini split, a multi-zone mini split will have as many indoor units as there are zones.

However, the number of condensers doesn’t change no matter the indoor units. For example, a five-zone mini split would connect all five indoor units to one condenser with copper wire.

You must have a heavier-duty condenser for a multi-zone mini split than a single-zone system, especially if you have four or five (or more!) indoor units.

The best candidates for multi-zone mini splits are large commercial buildings and bigger homes.

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