8 Signs You Should Consider Switching to Ductless Mini Splits

Traditional HVAC units like heaters, furnaces, or air conditioners are the norm for many households, but that doesn’t make them the most energy-efficient option. In fact, they’re often anything but!

Ductless mini split systems are far greener and a better solution if you’re tired of the following 8 HVAC issues.

1.      Spending an Arm and a Leg on Monthly Utility Bills

HVAC has had no choice but to become more environmentally friendly, but it still lags behind eco-conscious solutions like ductless mini splits. Continuing to use that outdated air conditioner or furnace will cause your utility bills to skyrocket each month.

You can save hundreds to thousands on your utility bill within the first year of switching to a ductless mini split system and tens of thousands within 10 to 15 years, possibly sooner! 

2.      Unsightly Units

Your central air conditioner requires a big, bulky box in your backyard, and your furnace hogs up a lot of room in your basement. Ductless mini splits are much more streamlined by comparison.

These units require one outdoor compressor (that doesn’t take up nearly as much space as your central AC) and indoor air-handling units you can install higher or lower on your walls. You can even decorate around the indoor units to make them less obvious.

You can’t do that with a furnace!

3.      Grumbling, Rumbling, Rattling, and Other Noises

You never get a moment’s peace when your HVAC runs. You constantly hear chugging, whirring, rattling; you name it. This can be incredibly disruptive when trying to relax with a good book or sleep.

Many mini split units are whisper-quiet. You hear only the slightest mechanical whirring when they run, enough that it’s practically background noise.

4.      Never Feeling Comfortable Enough

You run your furnace all day, yet it fails to sufficiently warm your house. That’s just like how you use your air conditioner for hours and can barely tell since your house isn’t all that cool.

Your HVAC units don’t warm or cool your home as advertised for several reasons. There are the energy losses we’ll discuss and the fact that these units just don’t work as well as ductless mini splits.

You won’t have to run your heat or air conditioning long to feel a substantial difference in temperature. You can also finetune the temps with a mini split, as it’s operational via remote control.

5.      Frequent Repairs

How many times per year does your HVAC break down? Even once is too many!

These inefficient units need more time, maintenance, and cash each year to keep them running. In the meantime, new heating and cooling units come out that run circles around your HVAC units regarding energy efficiency.

How much longer do you want to keep throwing money into an endless pit?

6.      Strained Units

You always hold your breath and say a little prayer when you power on your old furnace or air conditioner. You’re surprised when the units turn on, considering how much noise they make to do so.

It’s not much better once they’re up and running, as it sounds like they’re being pushed to the max. They very likely are, as older units simply cannot keep up with the heating and cooling demands of today’s modern homes.

7.      Ductwork

So let’s talk about energy losses, as they’re tremendous with ductwork, at least 30 percent and often higher. Ducts have gaps and openings that allow warm or cool air to escape before it ever reaches your living room.

That’s why it seems like it takes forever for your home to feel comfortable when using outdated HVAC. A ductless mini split system will begin cooling or warming your home immediately, and you’ll notice it in minutes.

No ducts mean no energy losses, so all the heat and coolness get delivered straight to you.

8.      Breakdowns

It’s the worst when your air conditioner or heater breaks down during peak season. This is again a situation where older units cannot compare. Do your family a favor and upgrade to a mini split system, which can withstand seasonal fluctuations and will keep running when you need it most.