Can You Run a Mini Split Off Solar?

A few years ago, you opted to get solar panels installed on your home, and you’ve never looked back. You save so much energy on your monthly bills, and you feel good about your positive effect on the planet as well.

One thought that’s intrigued you as of late is the idea of running your mini split off your solar panel. Could your ductless mini split air conditioner use renewable energy just like your solar panel system does? This could theoretically lessen your carbon footprint even further while maybe even leading to greater cost savings for you. So, is it possible?

It is indeed! To get started, you need both a mini split and a solar panel system. A vacuum pump within the system is also recommended.

When using a ductless mini split like this Innovair Mini Split, a ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump system with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER of 29 that runs on 12,000 BTUs, the system may use 450 to 700 watts during hot, balmy summer weather. If you’re running it on a more powerful mode, then the unit may draw 1,000 to 1,100 watts.

Some ductless mini splits, have an auto dry feature that will come in handy when using a mini split run off solar power. The auto dry function will suck up excess moisture around the mini split’s coils. Otherwise, you have to pay extra to have your mini split technician hand-clean the coils.

You might want to begin with a stress test of the whole setup to see how it works before running it full throttle. To do this, you’d set your mini split air conditioner to its highest setting and turn your thermostat down to around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, wait for the batteries of the solar panel system to hit a discharge rate of 50 percent.

For most solar panel systems, upon reaching that point, the system’s controller turns off the solar panel so the batteries don’t get drained further and possibly even damaged. If you stick to that 50-percent drainage rate, the lifecycle of the batteries should be about five and a half years.

If you opt for more solar panels, like about six more, then the equivalent would be four batteries. For a smaller house, this should be more than sufficient, but on larger properties, your solar panel needs may be even greater.

To ensure the batteries don’t drain and have plenty of time to recharge, you might want to leave the air conditioning off when you’re not home. Since the mini split air conditioner runs so efficiently, especially as part of your solar panel system, it shouldn’t take long for your home to become cooler.

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