How Often Should a Mini Split Be Cleaned?

Your ductless mini split is at it every day providing cooling or heating where you need it most. Like your old heater or air conditioner though, a ductless mini split does not work on good faith alone. It also needs maintenance from time to time.

Just how often should you get your mini split cleaned? Cleaning is part of your mini split servicing, which should happen once or twice a year.

That doesn’t mean you have to sit passively until your mini split technician can next come by and clean the unit. Here are some things you can do in the meantime to keep the mini split in even better condition.

Remove Debris

The ductless mini split units themselves may be installed in your home or office, but your compressor is not. This crucial part of the mini split system sits outside where it’s prone to anything environmental that can dirty it up.

About once a month or so, head outside and look for any debris on or near the compressor. This can include tree branches, twigs, small stones, loose dirt, and even trash like newspapers and wrappers that may blow through onto your property.

Keep Snow and Dirt Away from the Compressor

The next time you have a major seasonal weather event, you’ll want to check on your compressor sooner than later. Rainstorms, especially in succession, may change the profile of the dirt around your compressor.

You’ll also have to get outside after a snowstorm. While you’re shoveling your sidewalks and driveways, trundle over to the side or backyard where the compressor is and dig the snow out around it. This prevents excess water from potentially getting into the unit and causing trouble.  

Change the Filters

The air filters within your ductless mini split don’t last forever. Even if you have reusable filters, these still need to come out on a two-week basis to be cleaned or replaced.

There are also several indicators your ductless mini split will give you that will let you know it’s time for an earlier cleaning than what you already scheduled. Keep an eye and ear out for these signs:

  • Your mini split starts off working strong and powerful before petering out on you over time. This could be due to a refrigerant leak, so don’t delay in calling your mini split technician.
  • Heat comes out when your mini split should provide cooling and vice-versa. This strange issue is likely caused by a malfunction of the reversing valve, which is preventing the mini split from switching between heating and cooling modes.
  • It sounds like your mini split is having a hard time getting started and then continuously running. This can actually be a problem with a dirty filter. If you change the filter and the issue still persists, call your mini split technician.

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