Can a Mini Split Cool a Whole House?

When the summer temperatures get you sweating, you crank up your AC. The only problem is your old air conditioning unit can hardly handle it. It chugs and strains under the pressure, and in the meantime, you wonder if you will get another year of cooling.

You have begun to investigate your other options, as you know your AC’s days are numbered. One option that has really grabbed your attention is a ductless mini split. Such a system looks less bulky than your giant outdoor air conditioning unit, not to mention it seems you can save money too.

However, before you dump your old air conditioner for good, you must know one thing. Is it possible to cool your whole home with mini split technology?


Granted, you will likely need several mini splits as part of your cooling system, and these will be installed in those especially sticky and sweaty parts of your home. Anywhere you want cooling most though, from those small hallways to your master bedroom or home office, a ductless mini split system can deliver.

Besides the awesome whole house cooling you will get to experience, switching to a mini split delivers you many other benefits. Here is an overview of these.

No Need to Get Ductwork Installed

If you have recently moved into a home with no ductwork, this automatically limits your heating and cooling options. Traditional HVAC relies on ducts, leaving you stressed about how you can keep your home comfy this summer besides using semi-effective oscillating fans or bulky window air conditioning units.

Mini splits need no ducts, so whether your home has them, or it does not, you can always rely on this trustworthy option for cooling your home all summer long.

Greater Energy Bill Savings

Ductless mini split systems may be more expensive than your current heater and AC, but it is also possible to get discounts on each mini split you buy. No matter what you spend initially, you eventually recoup all that money back and then some when you save tremendous cash every month on your energy bills.

The amazing efficiency of mini splits is one of their biggest selling points. Since they only cool the rooms that need it most, you can say goodbye to wasted energy.

Comfort the Whole Family Can Agree On

Thermostat wars are common in households when certain family members like it cooler and others warmer. No longer will you have to fight with your favorite people when you have a mini split system installed at home.

If your son likes it ice cold, but you prefer the natural warmth of summer, you can go in a room without cooling and he can stick to the room with the mini split installed. It is a win-win!

When you are ready to explore your ductless mini split options, give us a call at PowerSave AC. We offer discounts on the more mini splits you buy, and with our zero-percent APR financing, we make it affordable for anyone to get set up with an efficient cooling solution this summer and many more summers in the future.