Are Split Systems Expensive to Run?

You are gearing up to make a significant purchase, the replacement of your furnace or air conditioner. You are easily looking at a job that costs four figures, maybe even five depending on the scope of the work.

You have spent a few weeks budgeting, but curiosity has gotten the best of you in the meantime. You have begun to wonder if there is a way to adequately cool or heat your home without spending a fortune for a new unit.

You have had your eye on a ductless mini split until a neighbor told you how much more expensive these are to run. Is that true, or is a ductless mini split the best option for your home?

It is a common myth that mini splits cost more to operate compared to a gas or oil heater. It is okay if you believed that myth until now, but we are here to tell you it is simply not true. Mitsubishi, a leading name in mini splits, says that, compared to using a gas or oil heater, you can shave your spending by $1,000 to $2,000 every year by switching to a ductless mini split with a heat pump.

These mini splits are not only adept at warming the home but cooling it as well. If your current air conditioner is also in need of a replacement, you can rely on a mini split for both jobs without having to use two large, pricy units.

Let us talk more about money. Depending very much on how many mini splits you need, you could pay $700 to $7,000 for whole-home heating and cooling. The installation part of the project rounds up to between $800 and $1,500, making the overall costs $1,500 on the lower side and $8,500 on the higher side.

Each month, you may spend $50 to $100 to run the mini split unit. Keep in mind though that due to a mini split’s tremendous energy efficiency, you tend to pocket more money on your monthly energy bills, making ductless mini splits a cost-effective choice for many homes and businesses.

The price of ductless mini splits is not the only myth that is circulating around. Here are a few other myths that may have stood in the way of you upgrading your heating and cooling solution before now:

  • Despite that some people say that ductless mini split systems have a short life since they run all year, you could have your mini split for one decade or longer. The key to prolonging the system’s life is regular maintenance.
  • Some detractors believe you cannot add a mini split system to a preexisting home or office. That could not be any falser. Since the mini splits are ductless, they install easily to almost any type of structure.
  • Another myth is that ductless mini splits pass bacteria through your home since the air comes from outside. First, If that were true, the same would apply to your air conditioner. Second, mini splits do not have fresh air intake, or outside air intake. Mini splits not only do not add bacteria to your home, but they have a filter for allowing just purified air in.

If you are ready to buy a ductless mini split system for your home or office, call PowerSave AC today!