Why Use a VRF System?

There’s never a bad time to start budgeting, and so that’s just what you’ve decided to do. Yet upon reviewing your household spending, you’re surprised to see how much money you lose each month to your energy bills. It’s not like you can stop using electricity, but something has to give.

You’re thinking of replacing your faulty old air conditioner or rickety heater, but you’re not sure with what. A neighbor recommended a variable refrigerant flow or VRF system, which uses an outdoor condenser and indoor units that spread temperate air throughout the house.

A VRF system certainly sounds like an appealing option, but is it right for you? Here are some benefits of using a VRF system that will help you decide.

Heating and Cooling in One Unit

Right now, if you want to blow cool air throughout your home, you turn on your air conditioner. When you want hot air, you use your heater or furnace. You certainly wouldn’t touch your AC in the winter months because it will never release warm air, right?

Yet that’s exactly what a VRF system can do. Not only does it heat your home, but it cools it as well. Imagine being able to get all your heating and cooling needs met from one HVAC unit. That would be pretty convenient, right?

Often More Inexpensive Installation

Ditching the ductwork is another advantage of a VRF system. A ductless heating and cooling solution means the installation team doesn’t have to assemble as much. The installation work is quicker, easier, and more expedient, all leading to you spending less money.

Reduced Energy Bill Costs

This is the big one, right? The whole reason you wanted to get rid of your air conditioner and heater in the first place was that these units were sucking up energy at every turn. That’s not the case with a VRF system.

To produce warm air, the system can retain the air that gets warmed internally while providing cool air externally. This air then gets reused at the appropriate time. That’s recycling at its finest!

Another way that VRF systems are energy-efficient is in how they never needlessly cool or heat a space. The indoor units are installed in zones, or parts of your home that are colder or hotter and thus have unique temperature needs. Rather than cool or heat the whole home at once, each zone is temperature-controlled so every room is comfy!

Takes up Less Space

Your backyard is pretty generously sized, but it bothers you how large the outdoor air conditioning unit is. Downstairs in your basement, the furnace or heater hogs up valuable room as well.

That won’t be the case with a VRF system. The condenser does need to go outdoors, but it’s not as big as your air conditioner. The indoor air-handling units can be installed so they’re unobtrusive.

Now that you’ve seen the multitude of benefits associated with VRF systems, give us a call at PowerSave AC today to discuss your options!