When to Use a Mini Split

Ductless mini splits are an efficient heating and cooling solution for many homes, but when is it appropriate to choose a mini split?

Here are some scenarios in which a mini split is the perfect fit!

To Heat or Cool Existing Rooms in the House like Garages or Attics

Basements, garages, and attics, although they vary widely in size and function, often share one thing in common. That is, none of them are insulated!

So what does this mean for you, the homeowner? Spending time in any of these rooms is going to be an unbearable thought for most of the year. In the summer, the rooms get too hot, and in the winter, freezing cold.

Ductless mini splits are a convenient option for these parts of your home. You can create customized cooling and heating solutions without ductwork.

Whether you use your garage, attic, and basement primarily for storage, recreational areas, or even as secondary bedrooms, you’ll get the most out of these rooms!

For New Home Additions

When your home was originally built, its heating and cooling needs were accommodated. Yet you’ve since gone on and added an extra room or several, be that on the main floor, the second floor, or both.

You hadn’t thought about how to install ductwork to these new rooms when the home construction was underway, and now that you need heating and cooling, you’re not sure what to do.

Don’t stress. You can always add ductless mini splits to the new rooms while keeping your existing heating and cooling system in the rest of the house.

Now you can have heating and cooling as you need it. The rooms in the house with the mini splits will keep your home comfortable even more efficiently.

For Multifamily Homes

A multifamily setup is another perfect instance of a ductless mini split system, especially if the rooms are being used as apartments.

With a set of ductless mini splits, each apartment can customize its heating and cooling needs independently of the others.

You shouldn’t have to be colder or hotter than you want because that’s how your neighbors like it, and vice-versa. A ductless mini split system will ensure that doesn’t happen.

When You Can’t Add Ductwork

There are also plenty of situations in which expanding upon ductwork just won’t work. In some instances, it might be too expensive to build on the ductwork, and in others, it isn’t feasible.

Rather than spend your time sweating in the summer or shivering in the cold in various parts of the house, you can cover the entire house in coolness or warmth with a ductless mini split.

You’ll pocket money by not having to get pricey ductwork installed and the degree of efficient heating and cooling you’ll enjoy will make you wonder why you ever went without mini splits at all.

Now that you know all the varied uses for ductless mini splits, no matter what your household situation looks like, we hope you realize that mini splits are a very practicable addition for better heating and cooling!