When is the Best Time to Service Your Ductless Mini Split

Ductless mini split systems outshine traditional HVAC like air conditioners and furnaces. Mini splits are smaller and more streamlined, have fewer components, use less energy, require no ducts, and produce optimal results. Users report lower utility bills for the life of the mini split unit.

However, a mini split requires servicing to keep running its best. The question becomes, how often should you call a technician out to your home?

Ductless mini split systems need servicing at least once a year. Double that for units capable of heating and cooling.

How do you know when it’s time for mini split servicing? Your units will indicate that you should have your technician on speed dial. Here are some signs your mini split needs care.

You Can’t Shake That Earthy Smell

It seems like every time you run your mini split, a stinky, earthy odor follows. You’ve checked the compressor and all the indoor units, but you just can’t pinpoint the source of that awful aroma.

It’s due to dirty condenser coils. The coils have generated their fair share of moisture, creating dank, moist conditions ideal for harboring mildew and mold.

That’s what has caused the earthy scent, lingering mold.

Mold in the air can worsen allergies and asthma and cause skin and sinus issues in healthy people, so don’t delay mini split servicing another week.

Your Mini Split Has Gotten Louder

You had thought it was your imagination until your spouse or partner remarked that your mini split is running awfully loud lately. Now that you know it’s not you, it’s time to get to the bottom of why it’s happening.

Many issues can contribute to a ductless mini split that was once whisper-silent but now whirrs, hums, whines, or bangs when operating.

Parts could be on the verge of failure, or perhaps gunk has accumulated on the components, causing your mini split to strain more for everyday heating and cooling.

Whatever the cause, let your technician diagnose and repair the issue while they service your mini split.

Your Mini Split Doesn’t Work as Well as It Used To

This is something else where you can easily think it’s all in your head, but it usually isn’t. A ductless mini split system that once cooled and heated exceptionally well and now does a mediocre job is likely leaking refrigerant.

The filters could also be dirty, which is why regular servicing is so important.

Leaks can be damaging to the unit and require immediate repairs. Your mini split should begin running a lot better.

Heating and Cooling Are Reversed

Yes, this can happen, and it’s quite a strange phenomenon. If your mini split heats when you turn the cooling on and vice-versa, the reversing valve has gone kaput. A technician will repair the valve as part of maintenance.

Isn’t It Time You Got Your Mini Split Serviced?

Ductless mini split servicing is critical to prolonging the life of the system. If it’s been years since a professional has seen your mini split, do yourself a favor and schedule maintenance today!