Features to Look for in a Mini Split AC

A ductless mini split system is an infinitely smarter choice than traditional HVAC. However, you should still research to find the best mini split for your home’s needs. How do you do that? Here are some features to look out for.

Good Warranty

If you saw our post on the cost of a ductless mini split system, you’ll recall these aren’t the cheapest heating and cooling units you can buy. A warranty makes your investment worthwhile, as it protects against workmanship defects.

A warranty of seven to 10 years is average and suffices, but anything over that is great if you can get it.

Simple Maintenance

A ductless mini split technician will take care of most of the heavy lifting regarding regular maintenance duties, but you’ll still have to do some of it yourself.

For example, you should keep the exterior of the compressor clean and replace air filters from time to time.

The more accessible your mini split is, and the easier it is to use, the less time you’ll spend on these integral maintenance duties.


The best ductless mini split systems include dehumidifying capabilities. You’ll especially appreciate this feature if you live in a balmy, wet climate. The dehumidifier will keep your home dryer and less musty.

Quiet Operation

No one wants to hear the clunk, buzz, and grumble of a heating or cooling unit as it powers on and runs. If you’re in a professional environment like an office, the sound can distract you, taking you away from your work.

At home, it’s very difficult to relax and unwind in an environment like that.

A ductless mini split system should run whisper-quiet so you can have more peaceful days ahead.

Wi-Fi Functionality

Smart technology doesn’t only apply to fridges, watches, and phones. Mini splits have the capacity for greater intelligence with Wi-Fi functionality. This feature enables you to track your mini split’s performance and even change the temperature from your smartphone.

You might not even have to be in the same building for these kinds of adjustments!

Customizable Temperatures

One of the best parts of a ductless mini split system is how you can configure the temperatures. Each indoor unit includes its own remote control for increasing or decreasing the temperature. You only affect the temp of that unit when you adjust it, so other indoor units can operate at a slightly higher or lower temp.

High SEER Rating

A Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER refers to how well a mini split works across a standard cooling season.

Years ago, a SEER rating of 15 sufficed, but these days, you won’t see many mini splits on the market with a SEER rating lower than 20. You can expect much more efficiency as you increase the SEER, but your mini split may be more expensive.

Ready to Order Your Ductless Mini Split?

Now that you know what to look for when buying a ductless mini split, it’s time to proceed with your purchase. PowerSave AC is your choice for mini splits for commercial and residential applications.

We sell single-zone and multi-zone mini splits and the accessories you need for more efficient operation, from new copper wiring to air curtains and Wi-Fi control.