Mini Split AC Not Cooling Properly? Tips to Troubleshoot

When you first got your ductless mini split system installed, everything worked like a dream. Then suddenly you started having issues with the AC. Now it’s cooling sporadically or not reaching the temperature you set. What is going on and what can you do about it?

Here are some troubleshooting tips for your mini split AC.

Do a Wiring Check

If the wiring was faulty from the get-go or has become that way over the months or years since installation, then the mini split AC might not be getting the signals to adjust to the requested temperature. Other signs that you have a wiring issue are the indoor and outdoor unit regularly fall out of communication with one another and heating is just as troublesome as cooling.

We wouldn’t recommend you go tinkering with the wiring components of your ductless mini split AC yourself. Call your technician and let them take care of it!

Look for Refrigerant Line Leaks

The refrigerant is the substance within your mini split AC that provides cooling. If there are any leaks throughout the mini split system, then the appropriate amount of coolant isn’t reaching the AC. This can cause temperature discrepancies.

Wipe Down the Coils

When was the last time you’ve paid some attention to the coils of your mini split AC? If it’s been a while or even never, then you’ll want to clean the coils, both the ones that are part of the indoor components of your mini split system and the outdoor components as well. You can use a standard cleaning solution for this job.

Inspect the Compressor and Clean If Necessary

The compressor is the outdoor unit in your ductless mini split system, but it feeds air to the indoor air-handling unit. Thus, if you’re having an issue with your compressor, it can affect the quality of the cool air and its temperature.

Wipe down the compressor. This will prevent overheating so you get a more consistent temperature out of your mini split AC.

Clean or Change the Filters

The mini split AC filters don’t stay clean forever. Every month, you should take a look at the filters to see if they need cleaning. Some filters are reusable, in which case you need to wipe them down and then put them back in the unit. Others need to be thrown away and replaced. Either way, if your filters are caked in dirt, dust, and grime, that will absolutely limit how well your mini split AC works.

Through one or a combination of these troubleshooting methods, figuring out and then rectifying what’s going on with your mini split AC should be easy.

If all else fails and you can’t determine exactly what’s causing issues with your mini split AC’s lack of cooling, we recommend calling your mini split technician to get to the bottom of the issue. It could be that some components of the mini split system weren’t installed correctly, which only a technician can rectify.