Does Mini Split AC save electricity?

You try to budget for your bills ahead of time so you can effectively manage your finances every month. The water bill and phone bill are about the same from month to month, but your electric bill is always a wildcard. It’s either high or really high and you’re sick of it.

You decided to be more efficient in your electricity usage around the house. That helped reduce the bill to a degree, but not as much as you would have wanted. You had the thought recently that perhaps your HVAC units are driving up your electricity too much.

You’ve been meaning to replace your rickety old air conditioner anyway. A friend has had a lot of good to say about a split AC system, but you’re not too familiar with this method of cooling. If you switch to a mini split AC, will you really reduce electricity and thus lower your monthly bills?

Absolutely! As long as your increasing your SEER efficiency as well, more info here: energy savings calculator

Here’s how a split AC system operates. This ductless air conditioner features an indoor air-handling unit or several and a compressor, also referred to as a condenser. The air enters the system, evaporator coolers reduce the air temperature, and then that air comes out of the indoor air-handling units. It’s simple!

Unlike a traditional air conditioner, in which you can set only one temperature, having a split AC system gives you the freedom to adjust the temperature precisely to how you want it. Further, you can cool (or heat) across zones, or parts of a home or commercial building. A zone is not necessarily a room, although it often is. Each zone might have different cooling needs, so you’d have an air-handling unit per zone.

As you’re probably guessing right now, this means you can adjust temperatures to varying degrees all over the house or office. This comes in handy in so many scenarios. Take, for example, a two-story home. The upstairs rooms are always a few degrees warmer than the downstairs rooms, even in the winter. You can set your split AC so it cools the upstairs zones more than it does the downstairs ones.

At PowerSave AC, our team specializes in ductless split AC and heating systems. We can help you deduce how much money you can save on your monthly energy bills by switching SEER efficiencies using our handy 

Depending on which region in the United States that you call home, you might need cooling for a very small part of the year, about half the year, or all year. Once we know your region, we can calculate your cooling hours per year.

Then, tell us about your split AC, including its air conditioning capacity and its seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER. We need to know your old AC’s SEER rating as well. Once we have all this information, we’ll tell you your year-over-year savings as well as your 15-year savings.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team at PowerSave AC today to discuss your split AC cooling options so you can save more money.