Can You Put a Mini Split in the Attic?

Every year, there comes a time–okay, several times–when you have to venture into your attic. Maybe you keep off-season clothing in there or you stash some holiday decorations. You could even hide Christmas gifts if you’re especially clever.

Either way, one thing that always strikes you about using your attic is how uninsulated it truly is. If it’s the middle of winter, you feel like you’re standing outside, your attic is that cold. In the summer, you dread going in there because the enclosed space is like a heat trap. The air is thick and muggy and you begin sweating instantly.

You decided recently to get a ductless mini split system installed in your home. As the time inevitably comes for you to use the attic and you’re either left sweating or freezing, you have a thought. What if you got a mini split installed in the attic? Is it possible?

Maybe, but it depends on your attic!

First, we must stress that the attic is not a good place to put the condenser or compressor. This is the main unit of the ductless mini split system that’s supposed to be installed outdoors. You may think that your attic is as good as the outdoors since it’s such a close match to whatever temperature it is outside.

Yet unless the attic is an identical match to the outdoor temperature, putting the condenser here won’t work. Even still, if your attic drops to around 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the amount of strain on the condenser could prematurely shorten its lifespan.

What about when it gets hot in the attic? If your attic’s temps can rise above 100 degrees, then again, the hot temperatures strain the condenser.

Okay, so with that out of the way, can you put the indoor air-handling units of your ductless mini split system in your attic? Well, you must make sure your attic is ductless, as a ductwork system isn’t compatible with mini splits.

Otherwise, you should be good to go. However, we do want you to keep something in mind. Ductless mini split systems are beloved since they’re more affordable than traditional HVAC units like air conditioners or heaters.

If your ductless mini split has to cool or heat a space such as your attic to high degrees because the room is so uncomfortable though, you could incur slightly higher bills than you do without heating/cooling your attic.

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