Where Is the Metering Device on a Mini Split?

If you own or have owned an air conditioner, then it will include a metering device, also known as an “expansion device”. The same is true of your ductless mini split system, although you’re not sure where the metering device is. Where can you find this device?

Most ductless mini split metering devices are attached to the condenser.

If you’re not quite sure what your metering device is or why you need to take care of it, then make sure you keep reading!

What Is the Metering Device?

A metering device is a cooling system part that is only in charge of expanding the refrigerant.  There are several types of expansion devices, the fixed ones and the adjustable ones.  Most mini splits use the fixed type the capillary.. This refrigerant, will become somewhat warmer before it travels to the evaporator.

Some metering devices are more upscale like a thermal expansion valve, also known as a TEV or TXV. The sensing bulb within the TEV is connected to a suction line that runs from the compressor to the evaporator.

The compressor can then send out refrigerant to reduce the pressure and temperature of the device. When refrigerant can reach the evaporator without incidence, this area can keep up its heat transfer.

Alternately, the metering device may just consist of a capillary tube made of copper. This tubing, which varies in size according to the compressor and condenser size, spirals downward, until the liquid line connects to it, feeding refrigerant or other fluids.

Where Do You Find the Metering Device?

If you want to locate your ductless mini split system’s metering device, where do you look for it? Your metering device will most likely be outdoors with the condenser.

Otherwise, if you can’t find the metering device there, we’d suggest looking at the evaporator. Some devices are attached right to your evaporator, making it easy to track down.

What Can Go Wrong with the Metering Device?

Unlike the other parts of your ductless mini split system, a metering device does not need regular maintenance, however if there are any issues related to the metering device we recommend you contact a local A/C technician for assistance.

What can happen to the metering device due to a lack of care? All sorts of unfortunate issues. If you have a TEV metering device with excess moisture buildup, the orifice can become frozen, rendering it useless.

The compressor can burn out, creating sludge that affects the metering device. Wax can develop if you’re feeding the metering device the wrong type of oil. Also, oil can sometimes get backlogged, causing the refrigerant to flow to the compressor until it floods the area.

Whether you suspect your ductless mini split metering device has malfunctioned or you just want to learn more about this component of your mini split system, our team at PowerSave AC is more than happy to help.

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